Training & Support


Weekly Virtual Drop-In

We offer a weekly virtual drop-in via Teams:

 Thursdays from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM, excluding vacation, university holiday closures, and other time away.

Weekly Virtual Drop-In Link

Qualtrics has extensive online resources via XM Basecamp on-demand training. Visit Qualtrics Support for further information.

To access training on XM Basecamp, log in as you would when contacting Qualtrics Support:

  1. If asked, choose Qualtrics Credentials.
  2. Choose Sign in via SSO (do not enter your NetID and/or password here).
  3. Enter the company Org ID "queensu", all lower case.
  4. Log in with your Queen's NetID and password.


Qualtrics is a self-serve tool and offers unlimited, 24/7 support. For all specific survey-related questions and technical issues, contact them directly at Qualtrics Support.

Note: If asked, choose Qualtrics Credentials first, then log in as below.

  1. Choose sign in via SSO (do not enter your NetID and/or password here).qualtrics support login step one
  2. Enter the company Org ID "queensu", all lower case.qualtrics support login step two
  3. Log in with your Queen's NetID and password.qualtrics support login step three

For general Qualtrics survey platform questions and how-tos, start with Qualtrics Topics from A to Z or with on-demand training videos at Qualtrics XM Basecamp.

For all account administration issues, email us at

The password is that of your Queen's NetID. If you have forgotten your password, please contact ITSupport directly or through your departmental IT Admin Rep.

If you need to change your NetID password, see the ITS NetID Profile Manager.

Note: The password reset within Qualtrics is not applicable to Queen’s Qualtrics accounts.

Brand Administrators can recover deleted surveys for you. Email us at with the title of the survey you wish to recover.

If, however, you want to recover deleted responses from an active survey, contact Qualtrics Support.

This is a common occurrence and most likely is a browser issue. Clear your cookies and cache and reload your browser, or use a different browser.

If the problem persists, check the Qualtrics Application Status page or contact Qualtrics Support directly.

Note: If you are unable to log in to any of Queen's secure services, contact ITSupport, as this is an issue with your NetID.

Brand Administrators can transfer ownership of a survey to another Qualtrics account holder. If the person still works at Queen's, they must email us at with their direct permission to do so.

If the person no longer works at Queen’s, their former direct supervisor must request the transfer. They will need to provide the title of the survey in question and the name of the Qualtrics account holder the survey is to be transferred to.

To check the operational status of Qualtrics go to We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.