Account Eligibility & Management

Note: The following information excludes faculty, staff and students in the Smith School of Business. Smith maintains a separate Qualtrics license. Contact Smith Support if you are with the School and want a Qualtrics account.


Who can have a personal account

  • Faculty members.
  • Graduate students conducting research with faculty supervisor authorization.
  • Post-graduate medical (PGME) students under faculty supervision.
  • Staff undertaking approved surveys are eligible to receive a Qualtrics account. If you are a casual staff member with a temporary contract, we will require your supervisor's direct authorization and your contract end date. Email us at to discuss your situation.

Who is not eligible for a personal account

  • Undergraduate students.
  • Medical students (excluding PGME students as stated above).

Who can have a generic account

  • Faculty members with undergraduate research assistants: Your IT Admin Rep can request a generic NetID from ITServices on your behalf. After you have received this NetID, submit the Qualtrics account form to us with this generic NetID. As the account owner, you will be responsible for any risk and all work undertaken. Use of a generic account must be authorized by a faculty or regular staff member, not a student or casual employee.
  • Departments/units: Accounts can also be set up for departments/units using a valid generic NetID. Please include the name and contact number of the person who will be responsible for the account when you submit the form. Use of a generic account must be authorized by a faculty or regular staff member, not a student or casual employee. (If you do not already have a generic NetID to use, your departmental IT Admin Rep must submit a service request to ITS to have one created.)

Note: ITServices now requires generic accounts to enrol in multi-factor authentication, though you can request an opt-out. See their website for further information: End User - MFA Enrolment for Generic Accounts (

Qualtrics access is via your Queen's NetID and password. To apply for a Qualtrics account, complete and submit our application form. We will need your NetID, not your employee or student number.

Note: CORE training is not mandatory for a Qualtrics account; however, check with the Research Ethics Board to determine whether you need to complete it before launching your survey.

 If you are with the Smith School of Business, email Smith Support to apply for an account.

Once your account has been created, Log in with your NetID at the Queen’s-specific URL (bookmark this page) . You must accept the terms of use for your first login.

Note: Occasionally you will receive an error message when trying to log in. Ensure that you are attempting to log in on the Queen's-specific Qualtrics site, then clear your browser cookies and cache, reload or relaunch your browser and try again.

If that fails, please check with Qualtrics Support to verify whether they are having system problems or check their Application Status page.

For Smith School of Business account-holders: The login URL will be different. Contact Smith Support for further information.

Our license with Qualtrics allows for five branded templates, four of which have been designed with a Queen's logo and one of which is blank. All are available through the "Look & Feel" option of your survey.

You can further customize your survey by adding your own graphics and/or text to the survey header and/or footer, using the "Advanced Look and Feel" settings. View Qualtrics support page for instructions.

Account Management

Go to and enter your Queen's NetID and password. Bookmark this page!

For Smith School of Business account holders: The login URL will be different. Contact Smith Support for further information.

Only Brand and Division Administrators can create a group. If you will be collaborating on multiple surveys with several people, and want to share contact lists, graphics and other files, email to discuss setting up a group for you.

Note: Even if you are in a group, you must "Share a Project" to collaborate with other account holders.

Groups are helpful for those who want to share a library and a contact list. Users cannot share libraries or email contact lists unless attached to a division or group.

Divisions are used to divide users into mini organizations within your larger organization, allowing you to give each division its own permissions and administrators. Division Administrators have access to the Users, User Types, Groups, and Group Types pages. Any changes a Division Administrator makes to these pages apply only to their division.

Email if you would like to discuss either a group or a division for your department.

View our brief YouTube video on Adding and Managing Groups.

View our brief YouTube video on Division Administrator Do's and Don'ts.

View Qualtrics support information.

For further information see Group Types and permissions for Division Administrators (PDF, 362 KB).

Note: Do not delete users from Qualtrics or change their user names! Doing the first will remove the person’s account entirely, including all projects and data under the account, as well as all projects shared with others. Doing the second will prevent the user from gaining access to their Qualtrics account.

If a username is incorrect, or an account needs to be deleted, please contact us at and we will make the necessary changes.

You might require an additional Qualtrics module that the Queen's license does not include, for example, SMS, the Offline App, and the Tableau Web Data Connector. It is the responsibility of your department/unit to pay Qualtrics directly for any additional modules; contact Qualtrics account executive Rae Holgado at to discuss your needs.