Project Management

This is the File Upload module that Queen's purchased as an add-on to the initial license. See Qualtrics Support for instructions on how to do this:

In the Rich Content Editor (of a textbox question, for example), you can insert a graphic, video, or a file that the respondent can access and/or download. Qualtrics will ask you to upload the file in question, after which it will create a hyperlink for the file.

You can manually control the opening and closing of your survey, or you can set a date range for which your survey is active. Instructions can be found on Qualtrics Support at

The Qualtrics email distribution limit on all accounts is set at 10,000 emails per week. If you will be doing a large survey and need to have this limit increased, email with the following: your NetID, the number of times you will be sending the survey to the group in question, the length of time for the email limit increase and your audience.

Note: It can take up to a week for Qualtrics to increase your email limit, so plan accordingly.

After a participant starts a survey, they have a finite amount of time to complete the survey regardless of the survey’s activation status or expiration dates. How much time the participant has is determined by the Partial Completion setting found in the Survey Options.

For further information see Understanding Partial Responses and Responses In Progress.

Qualtrics allows you to check survey accessibility, for respondents who will be using a screen reader. Go to your Survey tab, click Tools and then Check Survey Accessibility. Further information can be found at

For information on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, see

A project that you create does not, by default, go to your personal Library. A Library consists only of what you choose to copy into it, whether it be all or part of a project (survey), files, contact lists, etc.

If you are building a project that you want to share with a group or with individual Qualtrics account holders, but you do not want others to collaborate on the project, first finish creating it in your own account, then copy the entire project to a Group Library or user, via your main Projects page.

You also can copy Blocks to your Group Library as you create them for sharing purposes. This is useful for projects/questionnaires that people in a group want to copy into their own projects (e.g. a standard demographic set of questions).

Keep in mind that you can only collaborate fully when you first Share a Project with another user.

Note: The creator of any project is the owner of that project, even if they have shared it with full permissions to others. If the creator deletes the shared project or no longer has a Qualtrics account, it is deleted for all users. If you no longer want to be a project owner, or you are leaving the department or University, you must request that a Brand Administrator transfer ownership of your project to another Queen's Qualtrics account holder.

Brand and Division Administrators are able to transfer your project to another Qualtrics account holder. If you have created a project that you no longer wish to own, or you are leaving the department or University, email or contact your Division Administrator (if your unit has a Division) to implement the transfer.

In the case of a survey owner who has left the University, we are able to transfer ownership of their survey(s) to another account holder with direct permission from their former supervisor.

Note that transfer of a live survey does not impact the functionality of the survey. The survey link will remain active, and respondents will still be able to access and complete the survey without any disruption. However, the new owner will have control over the survey and its data, including the ability to edit the survey, view responses, and manage the survey settings.