About Tableau

Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool used for the interactive visualization and analysis of data.  The video below, produced by Tableau Software, provides a more detailed overview of the capabilities of Tableau.

  See the YouTube video "What is Tableau?"


Why We Use Tableau

At Queen's, we are using Tableau to assist in administrative reporting, and to provide stakeholders with a means to visualize data and strengthen data-informed decision-making. If you are unfamiliar with data visualization, please take a moment to watch the video below for an explanation of why visualizing data matters.

  See the Youtube video "Why Does Visualizing Data Matter?"

Tableau Public and Tableau Reader"Tableau logo"

Tableau Public is the freely available version of the Tableau Software that can read any Tableau workbook. There are, however, limitations on what data sources it can connect to as well as the inability to save files locally.

All saved workbooks using Tableau Public must published to the Tableau Public Server and can be viewed by anyone. It is a good option to explore the software prior to the purchase of a license, provided you are not using any sensitive or confidential data.

Tableau Training

There are a number of training videos available from Tableau for both Tableau Desktop and for Tableau Prep, and specific tutorials for each type of user license. Additionally, there are a number of Tableau training courses available through the LinkedIn Learning Catalogue.