Clinical Psychology: Program Requirements

During the MSc1 and MSc2 years, students take required courses in univariate and multivariate statistics, ethics and professional development, child and adult clinical psychology, assessment, intervention, and program evaluation. In addition, during the MSc2 year students start their practicum placements. At the end of the MSc2 year students defend their Master's thesis.

During the PhD years, students take required courses in advanced assessment and intervention, along with elective courses in their area of interest. At this level, students complete two additional years of practicum placements. At the end of the PhD2 year, students write their comprehensive paper and sit for their oral comprehensive examination. Typically at the end of PhD3 or PhD4, students defend their doctoral dissertation. Subsequent to defending their dissertation, students complete a one-year internship placement at a CPA/APA-accredited internship site in North America. Students are required to complete a CPA/APA-accredited internship and our students have been very successful in being matched with top sites across the continent.