Lee Fabrigar

Lee Fabrigar, Ph.D.

My primary research interests fall within the domain of attitude and persuasion research.

Cynthia Fekken, Ph.D.

My research has focused on structured personality assessment.

David Hauser, Ph.D.

I study judgment and social cognition, namely how communication guides our inferences, preferences, and reasoning. My work investigates how seemingly innocuous words color evaluations, how metaphors guide understanding of abstract concepts like disease and health, and how common survey methods shape research conclusions.

Jill Jacobson, Ph.D.

My research primarily falls within the areas of motivated social cognition, particularly the social consequences of depression.

Li-Jun Ji, Ph.D.

I am interested in understanding the relationships between culture and cognition.

Tara MacDonald

Tara MacDonald, Ph.D.

I am generally interested in studying situations in which people fail to attend to all of the relevant information in their environment, and the reasons for this neglect.

Sari van Anders

Sari van Anders, Ph.D.

Our research program focuses on social neuroendocrinology, feminist and queer science, sex research, and gender/sex and sexual diversity. Our work provides innovative paradigms, models, and theories for incorporating both evolution and social construction. To do so, we use diverse interdisciplinary methods that include experiments, correlational analyses, longitudinal designs, thematic coding, and more. We see our research as providing ways to do socially situated science that are biologically expansive (not reductionist), biolegible (i.e., to other bioscientists), and informed by lived experiences (critically reflective narratives of the minoritized and marginalized).