Fred Boland

Fred Boland

Associate Professor (Retired)

Department of Psychology

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B.A., Memorial University, 1971
M.Sc., Memorial University, 1973
Ph.D., McGill University, 1978

Research Interests

Past research focused with humans centered on obesity, eating disorders, body image, substance abuse, cigarette addiction and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Earlier research with animals involved: exploration of factors which influence voluntary alcoholic intake, tolerance and withdrawal; the development of an animal analogue of alcoholism; investigation of the neuropharmacological basis of addiction; the effects of centrally acting drugs on voluntary alcohol intake.

Selected Publications

Puhl, R.M. and Boland, F.J. (2001). Predicting female physical attractiveness: Waist-to-hip-ratio versus thinners. Psychology Evolution and Gender.

Curran, M.C., and Boland, F.J. (2000). Are physical therapy students at an increased risk of developing the symptomatology associated with eating disorders? Physiotherapy Canada, 52, 10-16.

Boland, F.J., Duwyn, M., and Serin, R. (2000). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Understanding its impact. Forum on Corrections Research, 12, 16-18.

Stewart, S.H., Angelopoulos, M., Baker, J.M., and Boland, F.J. (2000). Relations between dietary restraint and patterns of alcohol use in young adult women. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 14, 77-82.

Lalierte, M., Boland, F.J., and Leichner, P. (1999). Family Climates: Family factors specific to disturbed eating and bulimia nervosa. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 55, 1021-1040.

Boland, F.J. (1999). E ating disorders. In W. Marshall and P. Firestone (Eds.). Abnormal Psychology. Prentice Hall, Toronto. (203-229).

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Boland, F.J. (1996). Eating disorders and substance abuse. In S. Harrison and V. Carver (Eds.). Alcohol and drug problems: A practical guide for counsellors. ARF publications, Toronto (473-483).

Lightfoot, L.O. and Boland, F.J. (1991, revised 1992). "CHOICES": A community correctional brief treatment, relapse prevention and maintenance program. (1-158). Available from Correctional Service Canada.