Psychology Department Student Council

The Psych DSC is a group of dedicated students that plan social events and fundraisers for psychology students, faculty, and Queen's community, such as Beer with the Profs, Career's Night, and Psych Semi-Formal. They are a resource for psychology related academic information and act as a link between the psychology students, the psychology department, and the larger Queen's faculty. They act as representatives for the psychology students in academic and departmental decisions. The psychology DSC is your resource if you have any questions even remotely related to the psychology and/or the department. If we are not able to answer your question we are often able to put you in contact with those who can. If you have a complaint or concern but are not comfortable expressing it to, say the professor, we can often help. Feel free to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions about how we can improve the Psyc DSC. Keep an eye out for the many great events we have planned for this upcoming year!




Laura Edelstein

Alngela Ponio

Grad Night/Semi Formal

Maddy Terzo

Hannah Harrison


Ava Lewin

Emma Whitney

Sr. Brain Waves Coordinator

Jessica Wee

Jr. Brain Waves Coordinator

Jenna McBride

Khushleen Sarah

Paige Stanley

MHI Coordinator

Emily Sowa

Abigail Wiliszewski


Heather Reid


Leah Hermer


Sophia Shepherd


Tania Rabie


Asavari Bhadra


Dani Dib

Sr. PM

Maddie Fellows

Jr. PM

Allison Stewart-Gomes

PM Events

Ava Malatesta


Camden Trepanier


Mary Chisholm

First and Second Year Rep

Alexa Paemurd

Third and Fourth Year Rep

Teresa Spina



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