Tricolour Award

Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award

  • The Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award and induction in the Tricolour Society is the highest tribute that can be paid to a student for valuable and distinguished service to the University in non-athletic, extra-curricular activities. Such service may have been confined to a single field, or it may have taken the form of a significant contribution over a wide range of activities.
  • The award is named in honour of Dr. Agnes Benidickson who was Chancellor of Queens University from 1980 until 1996.
  • For more information, please contact the Office of the Rector 

Nominate a peer for the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award, the highest award that a Queen's student can receive for Distinguished Service.

Who Can I Nominate?

The Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award is for students only. Nominate a student that has devoted their time and efforts to the Queen's community in non-athletic/academic ways. If you know a student who has significantly and positively impacted life at Queen's, in your life or the lives of others while attending Queen's, you should nominate them!

Nomination Process: 

  • In the late Fall of each year, the ABTA Committee releases the Nomination form2023 Deadline: December 31, 2022
  • Nomination will request cover letter outline of contributions to Queen's University, Nominee resumé, list of relevant activities/positions the nominee has engaged in at Queen's University, list of individuals who can attest to the nominee's performance, and Letters of support.
  • Letters of support (no less than three (3) and no more than five (5)) must accompany the nomination form.  Letters must be submitted by each nominator.  Other letters can be from students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  Letters must include name, faculty, role/function and contact information of submitter, nominee name and description the nominee's contribution(s) to and impact at Queen's University.
  • Upon nomination, the ABTA Committee will confirm acceptance of nomination.  The Selection committee is not limited only to contacting those references provided by the candidates. 
  • It is the jurisdiction of the Committee to determine which nominees get interviewed.  Furthermore, it is the jurisdiction of the committee to identify exemplary candidates and only consider those candidates for selection.  Interviews will be held with all who have been identified as exemplary candidates as ranked by the committee.

Selection Process: 

  • The Rector (or Designate) serves as the Chair of the Tricolour Award Selection Committee.
  • The selection process follows the procedures as outlined in the Award's Terms of Reference.
  • Admission to the Tricolour Society shall be limited to Queen's University students. Although the number of students to be admitted to the Society each year shall be decided by the selection committee, the number shall be limited to four so as not to jeopardize the distinction of the Tricolour Society.
  • Selection of the successful nominee(s) shall be made on the basis of the interviews and their nomination packages.
  • Admission shall not be granted simply because a person holds or has held a certain position or office on campus.
  • Decisions of the Tricolour Awards Selection Committee are final.
  • Decisions of the Tricolour Award Selection Committee will be made public.
  • The names of the Award's recipients are engraved on a plaque in the Students' Memorial Union portion of the John Deustch University Centre.

Please address any questions regarding award nominations and the selection process to the Office of the Rector.