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Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award

  • The Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award and induction in the Tricolour Society is the highest tribute that can be paid to a student for valuable and distinguished service to the University in non-athletic, extra-curricular activities. Such service may have been confined to a single field, or it may have taken the form of a significant contribution over a wide range of activities.
  • The award is named in honour of Dr. Agnes Benidickson who was Chancellor of Queens University from 1980 until 1996.
  • For more information, please contact the Office of the Rector  

Nominate a peer for the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award, the highest award that a Queen's student can receive for Distinguished Service.

Who Can I Nominate?

The Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award is for students only. Nominate a student that has devoted their time and efforts to the Queen's community in non-athletic/academic ways. If you know a student who has significantly and positively impacted life at Queen's, in your life or the lives of others while attending Queen's, you should nominate them!

Nomination Process: 

  • In the late Fall of each year, the Rector distributes nomination forms through the SGPS and AMS, but forms can also be found online.  Download the nomination form.
  • Each nomination must have complete nominee information and a primary and secondary nominator, both of whom must be current students.
  • Letters of support (no less than five and no more than 10) must accompany the nomination form.  Letters must be submitted by each nominator (primary and secondary).  Other letters can be from students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  Letters must include name, faculty, role/function and contact information of submitter, nominee name and description the nominee's contribution(s) to and impact at Queen's University.
  • The nomination package will consist of completed nomination form and letters of support. Letters should be scanned and/or submitted electronically (PDF) by the primary nominator to the Office of the Rector.
  • Upon nomination, the Office of the Rector will confirm acceptance of nomination.  The Rector will also request nominees submit a CV and a list of activities that they have been involved with at Queen's University, along with a list of individuals who may comment on their performance in said activities.  The Selection committee is not limited only to contacting those references provided by the candidates. 
  • Interviews will be held with all candidates who accept their nominations..
  • Nominations Deadline: January 20th 2021.  All nomination packages must be received by e-mailing a pdf copy to

Selection Process: 

  • The Rector serves as the Chair of the Tricolour Award Selection Committee.
  • The selection process follows the procedures as outlined in the Award's Terms of Reference.
  • Admission to the Tricolour Society shall be limited to Queen's University students. Although the number of students to be admitted to the Society each year shall be decided by the selection committee, the number shall be limited so as not to jeopardize the distinction of the Tricolour Society.
  • Selection of the successful nominee(s) shall be made on the basis of the interviews, their nomination packages, and submitted CV's.
  • Admission shall not be granted simply because a person holds or has held a certain position or office on campus.
  • Decisions of the Tricolour Awards Selection Committee are final.
  • Decisions of the Tricolour Award Selection Committee will be made public the beginning of February.
  • The names of the Award's recipients are engraved on a plaque in the Students' Memorial Union portion of the John Deustch University Centre.

Please address any questions regarding award nominations and the selection process to the Office of the Rector.

Tricolour Society

There are more than 500 members of the prestigious Tricolour Society. Some of the recipients include: Chancellor Emeritus David Dodge, Andrew Pipe, Ahmed Kayssi, Tuba Chishti, Innes Van Nostrand, Michael McNair, Michele Romanow, and the Right Honourable John Matheson.

For Tricolour Award Reception photos, click on the Tricolour Society members below and then click on the year to be taken to the flickr album.

Please address any corrections to the Office of the Rector.

Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Society members: 

Year Member
2020-2021 Jodi Basch (ConEd'16, PhD’22)
Shoshannah Bennett-Dwara (Artsci’21)
Catherine Haba (Artsci’22)
Nicole Osayande (Cmp'21)
Michaela Patterson (NSc’21)
Kelly Weiling Zou (Com’21)
2019-2020 Beatrice Hur (Artsci'20)
Jared den Otter (Artsci'20)
Chayce Perkins (Artsci'20)
Liam Tharp (Sc'19)
2018-2019 Zachary Baum (Comp'17, MSc'19)
Erika Shannon Campbell (Artsci'19)
Benji Christie (Sc'19)
Olivia Rondeau (Ed'19)
Ampai Thammachack (Artsci'20)
2017-2018 Hana Chowdhury (Com'18)
Emilio Frometa (MIR'18)
Max Garcia (Cmp'17)
Asha Gordon (Artsci'18)
Adam Grotsky (Artsci'16, Law'19)
Alexandra Palmeri (NSc'18)
2016-2017 Mike Blair (Sc'17)
Claire Gummo (Artsci'17)
Tara McDonald (Artsci'17)
Lauren Winkler (Artsci'17)
Mike Young (Artsci'16)
2015-2016 Michael Coleman, (JD '17)
Thompson Hamilton (Artsci '13, JD '16)
John Graydon Simmons (Meds '16)
Jennifer Williams (Artsci '16)
Catherine Wright (Artsci '15, MIR '16)
2014-2015 Conrad Behrman, (Sci '15)
Tuba Chishti (Artsci '15)
Sebastian Gorlewski (Artsci '15)
Ian Moore (MPA '14, JD '16)
Eric Rapos (BCmpH '10, MSc '12, PhD '16)
Troy Sherman (Artsci '14)
Kevin Wiener (JD '15)



Mark Asfar (Artsci '14)
Isabelle Duchaine (Artsci '14)
Digvijay Mehra (Artsci '14)
Jessica Searle (Nursing '14')
Naheed Yaqubian (JD '14)
2012-2013 Ben Frid (Meds '15)
Caileigh Simpson (PHE '13)
Chi Yan Lam (Artsci '08, BScH '09, MEd '11, PhD '15)
Jeffrey McCarthy (Con-Ed '12)
Kieran Slobodin (Artsci '12)
Naomi Rosenfeld (Artsci '13)
Rico Garcia (Artsci '13)
Sean Robinson (Artsci '13)
2011-2012 Erin Smith (JD/MBA '12)
2010-2011 Kavita Bissoondial (Artsci '12)
Iain Reeve
Michelle Searle
Jillian Burford-Grinnell
2009-2010 Christina Clare (Artsci '10)
Paula Mosbrucker (Sci '07, Artsci'08, Msc '10)
Patrick Welsh (Artsci '06, MA '07, Law '10)
2008-2009 Michael Koichopolos (Commerce '09)
Aaron Myran (ArtSci '09)
Eveline Traxler (Nursing '10)
Allison Williams (ArtSci '09)
2007-2008 Christopher DeLuca (Ph.D. '10)
Alexandra Harris (Nursing '08)
Ryan Marien (Sci '08)
Adam Say (Artsci '08)
2006-2007 Michele Romanow (Sci '07)
​2005-2006 Jennifer Holub (Arts '06)
Ahmed Kayssi (Sci '03, Arts '03, M.Sc. '06, Meds '09)
David Thomas (Ph.D. '06)


Michelle Bourboniere (Con-Ed '05)
Brandt Blimkie (M.A. '05)
Mike Jones (Arts '05)
​2003-2004 Grant Bishop (Sci' 03 +1/2)
Wesley Fok (Arts '04)
Kym Shumsky (MPA '04)
2002-2003 Mike McNair (Arts '03)
Ashifa Kassam
Ryan Sim (Sci '03)
Omar Mawjee (Arts '05)


Hannah Varto (Arts '02)
Bindu Dhaliwal (Law '02)
Micah Melnyk (Sci '02 +1/2)
​2000-2001 Dave Contant (Arts '01)
Kathleen Cowick (Law '01)
Lisa Stevenson (Law '02)
1999-2000 Tim Davies
Ryan Taylor (Arts '00)

George Kim (Arts '99)

Jeff Coull (Arts '99)


Annette Paul

Nicole Evans (Arts'98)

Melissa Kluger (Arts'98)

Donna Wallin


Maureen Brioux-Jollymore (Law '97)

Sally Campbell (Arts '97)

Justine Amaro (Sci / PHE '97)

Jamison Steeve (Con-Ed '97) 


Vanessa Timmer (Arts '96)

Michael Woo (Meds '96) 


LeeAnn Macgillivray

Dera Nevin

Govind Rao 


Pete Sutton

Malini Moorthy

Jenn Steeves (Arts '94)

Bill Holder 


Kelly Allison

Lucy McSweeney

Bob Adderley

Janet Smylie 


Sian Owen

Nicky Brink

Warren Jones 


Murray Hong

Ian McCowan

Victoria Barr 


Perry Clarke

Ramsay Duff

Charis Kelso

Ian Stewart 


Madeleine Shaw

David Pick 


Mark Selby

Kelley McKinnon

Lizanne Chicanot 


Innes Van Nostrand

Susan Rogers

Michelle Lally

Raymond Kuntz

Fred Singer 


Ian Smith

Georgina Carson

John VanDuzer 


Alex Winch

Bruce Farrand

Mary Ann Higgs

John Lougheed

Brad Hornick 


Rick Brook

Ferg Devins

Cam Johnston

John MacMillan

John Orlowski

Carmen Overholt

Cally Slingerland

Isaac Sobol 


Rick Powers

John Empey

Bruce Cameron

Gord Howe 


Sue King

Dan Shire

Jeremy Freedman 


Warren Everson

Jim Henderson

Colin Cantlie

Kathryn Aleong 


Dave Corbett

Sheila Murray

John Koopman 


John Ronson

Charles Lund

Marg Churcher

Hugh Christie 


Kirk Purdy

Larry Rossignol

Jodi Knapp

Paul Steep 


Kathy Wood

Moe Chochla

Dave Gordon 


Ian Nordheimer

Peter Lane

John Palme 


Roy Kirkpatrick

Sue Harper

Ken Wong

Kevin van Koughnett 


Jennifer Grass

John Solman

Bruce Trotter

Sarah Prichard 


Ted Bestemor

Ron Kimberley

Graham Millington

Wally Palmer

David Pritchard

Doug Pritchard

Doug Romere

Charles Schwier 


Victor Bradley

Nancy Hoey

Tim Garrard

Paul Barron

Graham Taylor

Marvin Bloos

John Tondeur 


Jeff Simpson

Brian Scully

John Gray

Rodney Follwell

Chris Redmond

Robert Buller

Peter Raymont

Jane Neill

Janet Rogers 


Fred Bigham

Daniel Burns

John Buttars

Dave Lander

Bob Leavens

Glenn MacDonell

Al Maloney

Robert Martin

Ross McGregor

Ted Parnell

David Peters

Bob Pickering

Andrew Pipe

Doug Rombough

Scott Wilson 


Carolyn Chiddicks

Peter Eddison

Stephen Graham

Livia Kasak

Rosemary Leese

Barry Leroy

Rob Nelson

Dave Pakrul

John Pellettier

John Sedgewick 


Bruce Amos

George Carson

John Farnham

Eric Haythorne

John Lane

Patti Peppin

Guy Potvin

Rick Sterne

Larry Wiertz 


George Anderson

Douglas Belch

Edwin Chown

Sally Clendenning

Wade Junek

Tony Fink

Peter Leishman

Gordon McCay

Bruce Little

John McIntyre

Robert Pond

Alan White

William Quarte 


Don Carmichael

Bruce Dingle

Elizabeth Love

Roger Hutchinson

Paul Myles

Raymond Ostiguy

Harry Thorsteinson

Janet Wykes

Gordon Watt

PC Helwig 


Al Adler

Joanne Bascom

David Dodge

David Chandler

Don Gordon

Austin Henderson

Heather Mackie

Mary Stewart

Hugh Scully

Dave Whiting 


Jim Bayne

Mac Evans

Moira Beattie

Elaine Knox

Maureen Law

Bob MacMillan

Timothy Merret

Rod McLeod

Martin Ware

David Wilson

Antoine Tawil

Donald Stewart 


Peter Day

Alexander Bryce

Virginia Dobson

Richard Flindall

Douglas Does

Kingsley Mahon

Bruce Macdonald

Judith Plumptre

David Willoughby

Stanley Sadinsky 


David Hill

Robert Maudsley

Paul Press

Robert Shaw

Donald Fraser

Brian Henner

Graham Ford

Stewart Goodings

Michael Bennett

Robert Clark

Dianne Campbell 


Dawn Campbell

Peter Gallop

Dick Gathercole

Nancy Keith

Larry Leafloor

Tom Marshall

Doug Munro

Sandy Scott

Terry Nickerson

Butch Nelson

Eli Rabin 


Bruce Alexander

Pete Barnard

Barb Borgal

Merv Katzman

Jean Chamberlain

Bob Beamish

Anne Horton

Sally Rorke

Roger Davidson

Bob Sowden 


Bernie Calder

Cecilia Comba

Ned Franks

Hugh Clarkson

John Hunter

Shirley Ross

Morton Low

Robert de Pencier

Andrew McMahon 


Urten Harmer

Anne Hayes

Bob Little

Ross Morton

Andy Wong 


Leonor Haw

Stuart Howard

Paul Hubert

Ed Korhonen

Robert Langford

Rik Milne 


Kip Summers

Peter Faris

Andy Blair

Liz Gillan

Lloyd Carlsen 


Iain Gow

Isobel Dowler

Jake Fowler

Bill Johnston

Ken May

Charles Taylor 


Gail Ward

Ruth Corlett

Don Scott

Robbie Gurr

Dave Coulson

Don Gollan

Ed Quinn

Sy Bronstein 


H. Cameron

L. Sargeant

I.SJ. Greenspan

Jan Hansen - kvinne

C. Narraway - Kvinne

D. Vegg - Hunn

N. Miller - Kvinne

G. Crook

D. McRae

B. Beddie

I. Stewart

G. Smith

A. McLaine

D. Stackhouse 


Stan Hagerman

Alex McCuaig

Bobbie Bartlett

George Ainslie

Joe Labuda

Pat Purvis

Harry Pinder

Boyd øvre

Bill Thompson

Ann Cooke

Jim Craig 


Helen Benger

Harry Walker

Eric Toller

RAF Montgomery

Bruce Odell

HS Sexsmith

DW Geiger

Robert Wheelan

James Fogo

FC Woodruff

Pat Courage

Alex McKinnon 


Peg House

Ruth Stevens

Joan Stewart

Joan Keough

Bill Bauer

Bruce Morgan

Gelindo de Re

Paul Roddick

Doug Kenyon

George Devlin

Jim Kirk

Dave Leighton 


Art Ross

Willie Dowler

Mike Howarth

Edith Shindman

Eric Jorgensen

John Chance

Lyle Jarvis

Sid Segal

Norm Simmons

Knute Williamson

Allan Beveridge

Wyatt MacLean

Bud Morden

Bill Wedlock

Sandy Webster

Bill Purdy 


Dave Myles

Shirley Johnson

John Armstrong

Don Milliken

Doug Bruce

Scott Dalziel

JT "Doc" Morgan

George Perrin

Jean Scott

Andy Kniewasser

Jim Southey

Jim Barker

John Ellis 


Jerry Barclay - Kvinne

Norm Brown

Jim Nelson

Murray Gill


Gerry Stoner

Cyril Morris

Doug Dale

Rod Gray

Kate MacDonnell

Dottie Wilson

Geoff Bruce

Bill Henderson 


Jim McQuarrie

Herb Lawler

Celesta Hibbert

Jacqueline Cote

Jim Provan

Bill Hayhurst

Bruce Cronk

Doug Wickware

Dave Carlyle

Bert McAvoy 


Bill Cornett I

an Shaw

Dorothy Mills

Joyce Watson

Irvin Collins

Ross Babion

Jack Harvey

Frank Lee

Don Lamont 


Pauline Jewett

Eleanor Rowley

Vernon Malach

Frank Rutherford

Arthur Holloway

Bruce McColl

Robert Elliot

Laurence Wilson

James Galt

Kenneth Phin

Charles Campling

Mary Paterson 


Warren Wilkins

Stewart Webster

Wilda Baker

Len Lane

Irwin Bean

William Young

William Mackenzie

Sylva Rowley

James Richardson

James Melvin

Norman Rogers

Peter Kain

Beatrice Grant

Don Manchester

Frederick Howatt 


Hudson Campbell

Margaret Clark

NA Grandfield

JH Houck

Dorothy Wardle

CR McLean

RK Motherwell

WR Preston

W. McDonnell 


Harvey Marshall

Ed Barks

Gary Bowell

Duncan Fraser

Lorna Breckon

Jim Courtright

Agnes Richardson

Hugh Megill

Margaret Cross

Mac Young

Peter Mumford

Dick Mundrell

Murray Luscombe

Matt Dymond 


Wilson Ford

Donald Brunton

FK McKean

Ruth Hood

Sylvia Woodsworth

John Matheson

Cyril Benson

Bruce McIver

Allen Brady

Peter Macdonnell