Honorary Degrees Committee

To have full responsibility for making recommendations to the Senate for the award of Honorary Degrees;

to advise the Senate on general policy relating to honorary degrees, and to provide guidelines on such matters as eligibility (i.e. active and retired members of staff, persons holding public office, posthumous degrees, etc.);

to receive and consider all nominations, and to present to the Senate a list of the names recommended, including recommendations about the number of degrees to be awarded, the type of degree in each case, and the particular Convocation at which each degree should be granted; the choice of a Convocation speaker, etc.;

to devise procedures which would enable it to carry out its responsibilities, ensuring that all parts of the community are aware of the mechanisms for putting forward proposals.


8 Ex Officio Members
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Alma Mater Society President
Society of Graduate and Professional Students President
Representative of the Alumni Association
Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity and Inclusion) or delegate
Associate Vice-Principal Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation or delegate

7 Members named by Faculties and Schools

Membership Affiliation Status
M. Sinclair Chancellor Ex Officio
P. Deane Principal and Vice-Chancellor Ex Officio
N. Boytchuk-Hale Rector Ex Officio
O. Rocchi A.M.S. President Ex Officio
E. Matiss S.G.P.S. President Ex Officio
A. Williams President, Queen's Alumni Association  Ex Officio
L. Williams

AVP (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion) Delegate

Ex Officio
J. Hill AVP Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation Ex Officio
F. Quadir Dean, School of Graduate Studies Ex Officio
C. Flood Dean, Law Ex Officio
R. Luce-Kapler Dean, Education Ex Officio
J. Philpott Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Ex Officio
W. Costen Dean, Business Ex Officio
B. Crow Dean, Arts and Science Ex Officio
K. Deluzio Dean, Engineering Ex Officio

​Chair: P. Deane
Secretary: R. Coupland