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Understanding our Food Habits

Dr. Elaine Power is an associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and cross-appointed to the Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s University. She is the co-editor of the recently published book, Messy Eating: Conversations on Animals as Food and the forthcoming volume, Feminist Food Studies: Intersectional Perspectives. Her research focuses on issues related to poverty, class, health, and food security. In particular, Dr.

The People, the Land, and the Government

Dr. Margaret Moore is the Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and a professor in the department of Political Studies with a cross-appointment in Philosophy where she teaches in the Master’s in Political and Legal Theory program. Her research focuses on justice, nationalism, and the territorial rights of peoples and states.

Nobel Prize Inspiration at Queen's University panelists on stage
Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative at Queen's University


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