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Queen’s Centre for Security and Privacy

Queen’s Centre for Security and Privacy

The Queen’s Centre for Security and Privacy (QCSP) is a multidisciplinary research centre fostering collaborations between academia, industry, and government to protect Canadians from cyberattacks. Researchers with QCSP are conducting pioneering research in the areas of communications security, cryptograph, security analytics, and data privacy, as well as training the next generation of leading cybersecurity professionals.

QCSP is working to address three key areas critical to the advancement of cybersecurity:

    • Urgent demand for expertise – The global industry is experiencing a severe and worsening talent shortage

    • Growing economic and social costs – The anticipated trend suggests a substantial annual rise in the expenses associated with global cybercrime in the coming years

    • Multidisciplinary solutions – A wholistic approach to high-impact research, development, and training are needed to confront security and privacy challenges

In addition to pursuing cutting-edge research, QCSP develops professional training and consulting programs in collaboration with industry and government, as well as curriculum consulting to integrate cybersecurity education into programs across higher education. QCSP also organizes workshops and seminars to promote cyberthreat information awareness across the country. Additionally, the centre provides security and privacy research as a service for public and private sector organizations.

  • Partnerships
  • Student Opportunities

QCSP brings together multidisciplinary researchers across Queen’s and the Royal Military College (RMC) and also collaborates with the Centre for Advanced Computing at Queen’s, industry partners, and cybersecurity-related government agencies. The centre also hosts cybersecurity researchers from different regions of the world to facilitate international research collaborations.

QCSP provides training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in areas of cybersecurity. Currently, the centre is working with over 40 MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral fellows to advance high-impact research and innovative training.