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Scotiabank Centre for Customer Analytics

Scotiabank Centre for Customer Analytics

The Scotiabank Centre for Customer Analytics (SCCA) at Smith School of Business brings together interdisciplinary teams of professors, graduate students, and analytics practitioners to collaborate on research, create new knowledge, and lead dialogue on practical applications of big data.

Initially founded in February 2016 following a $2.2 million gift from Scotiabank, the SCCA has already made a number of research contributions in the areas of pricing, revenue management, loyalty programs, adaptable database management systems, analytics and decision making, and ethics and AI.

In July 2019, Scotiabank reaffirmed its commitment to SCCA by pledging an additional $2 million, supporting the centre through to 2025. Over the coming years, SCCA will continue its dedication to building a community of data intensive users encouraging innovation across industries and delivering a reimagined customer experience.

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The SCCA fosters an environment that encourages collaborative research spanning traditional, non-traditional, and emerging disciplines, including Management Sciences, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics, and Computing Science. This diversity adds to the Centre’s research creativity and facilitates broad knowledge dissemination.

The SCCA is committed to enhancing the curriculum of the academic and executive education programs offered by the Smith School of Business and offers a wide range of educational and professional opportunities across disciplines. The Centre plays a key role in running Smith’s 12-month Master of Management Analytics program, which marries training in core data analytics concepts and tools, with outstanding education in business strategy and management. The Centre also hosts a 3-day program in Digital Transformation and a number of in-company analytics programs.