Study Sustainability at Queen's

Queen's University is home to leading experts in a spectrum of disciplines related to climate action, environmental sustainability, and social impact.


School of Environmental Studies

Undergraduate programs in the School of Environmental Studies are interdisciplinary, spanning sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The school highlights inquiry-based and community-engaged learning throughout its curriculum and offers students hand-on experiences in exploring environmental issues and addressing environmental challenges.

Environmental Studies

Urban Planning Studies

The department of Geography and Planning, along with the School of Urban and Regional Planning, developed the Certificate in Urban Planning Studies to allow students to gain recognition for their devoted study of cities.

Students will be introduced to planning-related issues grounded in an appreciation of city life and city structures, and will be prepared for advanced studies and careers related to urban planning, such as community development, real estate, municipal governance, international development or education.

​​​​​​​Certificate in Urban Planning Studies

Canadian Academic Skills, English and Sustainability

All over the world, young people are showing their worry about the planet’s future. Queen’s University is among the world leaders in looking to the future and developing new solutions to humanity’s continuing challenges. Learning English at the same time as taking a course designed around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will help students get the language skills and practical experience they need to make global and local changes.

Canadian Academic Skills, English and Sustainability

Collaborative Masters Program in Applied Sustainability

Building on the applied sustainability strategic theme of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the objective of the Collaborative Masters Program in Applied Sustainability (CMPAS) is to expose students to the implementation of sustainable engineering solutions within the context of broader sustainability theory.

To do this properly, engineering students must not only advance their technical education but must also gain insights into the impact of public policy on the success of engineering solutions to multidisciplinary sustainability problems.

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Certificate in Social Impact

The Center for Social Impact at Smith School of Business offers a Certificate in Social Impact that connects students with the networks and knowledge to integrate core areas in social impact into business strategies and models.

In addition to the academic component that dives into topics such as environmental sustainability and impact measurement, students have the opportunity to attend social impact-themed conferences and events and volunteer with charities or community organizations.

Certificate in Social Impact

Advanced Leadership for Social Impact Fellowship

Offered by Smith School of Business, the Advanced Leadership for Social Impact (ALSI) Fellowship equips professionals at mid-career or later with skills and networks to understand and tackle the systemic causes of social issues.

Designed to accommodate those working full-time or with other demands, the program combines on-campus residential sessions along with online synchronous learning and offers Fellows the opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the field.

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Queen's Global Summer

Developed by the Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen's Global Summer (QGS) is a cross-disciplinary experiential learning summer program focused on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The six-week program offers a selection of courses, workshops, retreats, cultural events, professional development opportunities, and lectures based on issues of global significance, from climate change to gender equality to sustainable communities and more. 

Students have the unique opportunity to enroll in interdisciplinary problem-solving and engage with the local Kingston community.


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Water and Human Health

Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health, hosted by the Beaty Water Research Centre, is designed to give recent graduates and professionals an enhanced understanding of the role of water in driving health outcomes and ultimately the sustainability of populations and communities