Dr. Paul Grogan

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Professor of Plant and Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

This is me. I am particularly interested in understanding the inter-relationships between biology and the flows of energy and nutrients in terrestrial habitats. More information on my research interests is available on my Research page, and on a link in the departmental website.  

My goal as a teacher is to facilitate active, engaged, critical thinking that helps undergraduate students in their developmental transition from being dependent to independent learners. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, and Sustainability:  Black lives matter, treating women with dignity matters, Indigenous peoples' rights matter, a guaranteed basic income for all matters, polar bears matter, maple trees matter.... each and every life matters.  One of my central goals as a professor is to help educate and actively promote for fundamental (i.e. radical, second order) systemic change in how society is structured and functions so as to improve the lives of all minorities and the disadvantaged. Personal Land Acknowledgement.

Sarah Gordon

Sarah 2022

Sarah is an M.Sc. graduate student who started in September 2020. 

"I am particularly interested in how plants interact with their environment.  My research is exploring decadal changes in the understory plant community of a local forest, and the potential impacts of white-tailed deer. I aim to interpret my research results through the lenses of climate change, intersectionality, and sustainability." 

Dominic Wood


Dominic joined the lab at the end of summer 2022 and is pursuing an arctic-based M.Sc.  He was awarded a Queen's University McLaughlin Fellowship for 2022-2023.

Julia White

Julia photo

Julia is an honours thesis undergraduate student from May 2022-April 2023. 

Kira Henders

Kira Henders

Kira was our summer work experience program (SWEP) lab and field assistant in 2022, and helped Sarah Gordon with her research, as well as maintaining the Bracken Tract experiment, and assisting Paul out with lots of different tasks.