Resources and Data

Data for Download

  1. Continuous soil temperature and moisture records for various vegetation types and for the birch hummock snowfence and greenhouse experiments at a low arctic tundra site since 2006 at 4 hourly and diel frequencies (Daring Lake, NWT, Canada). (Soil temperature and moisture diel data download (3.8MB)ReadMe file) (Comparable 4 hourly data are also available via Dropbox etc). Please contact Paul for details if you wish to use any of these data in a publication.
  2. CO2 emissions calculator for travel by small fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft as well as travel by commercial aircraft, rail or road.

Research Protocols

Full list of detailed protocols (each available on request)

1. Lab/field safety (full versionshort labwork-only version)
2. Labware washing (cleaning)
​​​​​​​29. Soil pH - with focus on organic soils
35. Soil texture analysis/ Particle Size Analysis (hydrometer method)
36. Ion exchange membranes to measure soil nutrient availability

If you would like any of the others in the list, please e-mail Paul for the latest versions

    Available Equipment and Analytical Capabilities

    • Leaf and ecosystem chamber IRGA portable photosynthesis systems
    • Leaf area meter and conveyor belt (courtesy of the phytotron glasshouse facility)
    • Auto-analyser (NH4-N, NO3-N, PO4-P etc.)
    • Total Organic Carbon and Nitrogen (liquid samples)
    • Soil processing and fumigation equipment
    • Dataloggers and environmental sensors
    • Epifluorescence microscope with phase contrast and digital imaging
    • Growth chamber facilities including a sub-zero freeze-thaw temperature unit
    • Elemental Analyser for total carbon and nitrogen (solid samples)
    • Gas sampling equipment for N2O, CH4 etc.
    • Nucleic acid extraction and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis analytical equipment
    • PCR thermocycler

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