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Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology Lab

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Field Trips and Labs (2014)

Field trip to Bellevue House gardens with Head Gardener Kris Dimnik. September 8th 2014.

Students listening to a tour guide at Bellevue House gardens

Group of students listening to tour guide
Students observing the Bellevue House gardens

Salt of the Earth Farm (Kingston) with guide and owner Charles Summers. September 23rd, 2014.

Students listening to Charles Summers, from a distance
Charles Summers showing something to a group of students
Students being given a tour of the farm fields
Landscape of a field
Students walking through the crops
Students walking through the crops

Overnight weekend trip to Kaiser Farm (Napanee), Bracken Tract and Stoke's field experiments (QUBS), and Ravensview Farm (Maberley), October 18-19, 2014.

Erik (and Max) Kaiser: "It's all about the dirt."

Titia Posthuma: "All land deserves to be loved. Knowing the land and its character, and then planning accordingly is the key."

Woman walking in a grassy field
landscape of a field of crops
Fall tree in a grassy field
Landscape of a farm field
Group gathered by a field
Landscape of a field
Outdoor group photo
Candid shot of a group of students listening to professor Grogan
Man holding an uprooted plant
Girl showcasing her flowered gloves

Three people overlookng a field

Field trip group selfie taken by Professor Grogan
worm in muddy grass
Students cooking in the kitchen
Student giving the food a thumbs up

Candid photo of students in front of a house and pile of wood

Girl smiling in front of a pen of pigs
Group photo sitting on a pile of wood
Group gathered next to a wooden fence
Two people looking through a pile of wood
Student overlooking a muddy puddle
Man smiling next to a goat in a forest
Two students smiling with a goat
Student stopping for a photo while she gathers wood
Stdents smiling next to a pile of wood and a tractor
Students listening to a man speaking
Group gathered outside
Row of crops

Group gathered outside in a field