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The Dan School of Drama and Music in collaboration with The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts introduce the MA in Arts Leadership and Arts Management Graduate Diploma.

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For more information visit the Dan School of Drama and Music page for more information. 


  • [Film and Media students]
    Film and Media students will attend class and study in the Isabel.
  • [The Isabel classroom]
    Classrooms in the Isabel offer natural light and mobile workstations.
  • [School of Music Wind Ensemble]
    Queen's School of Music Wind Ensemble performs at Grant Hall
  • [Students analyze a sculpture]
    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) students analyze a sculpture in class
  • [Film and Media Students]
    Film and Media students collaborating on a project.
  • [student playing cello]
    Music student Kathryn Knowles (Artsci'14) playing the cello.
  • [Bachelor of Fine Arts student]
    A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student concentrates on her piece

Academically, the Isabel is a hub of interdisciplinary exchange, enabling students and faculty to utilize its state-of-the-art facilities to present a wide range of innovative and creative pieces across the disciplines. Embracing the principles of interactivity and integration, the Dan School of Drama and Music, Department of Film and Media, Bachelor of Fine Art Program, and Graduate Program will share state-of-the-art teaching, performance and exhibition spaces within the Isabel.

“It’s really a dream come true for us,” says School of Music Director, Margaret Walker.

“We want our students to be equipped to pursue careers in fields like arts management, sound production and radio, too – and the interdisciplinary nature of the Isabel will help facilitate that. We want our students to be self-starters and to take initiative, and we imagine that happening as they work together on collaborative projects with students in other disciplines, while making connections that will serve them long after they have left Queen’s.”

Between 200 and 250 film, music, and drama students will take classes at the facility each day. As well as beautiful, light-filled classrooms overlooking the lake, the Isabel offers a production studio, film editing suites, teaching and rehearsal spaces for music and drama – including the performance spaces, some of which can be used for teaching purposes (a studio theatre, film screening room and art and media lab).

Most weekday evenings, more than 100 students from instrumental and vocal ensembles, dramatic and film productions will practice in the Principal Emerita Karen Hitchcock Rehearsal Hall and the Power Corporation of Canada Studio Theatre.

The Isabel is also the new home for the Department of Film and Media, providing the department with access to:

  • faculty office space;
  • a seminar room with 16 MM projection;
  • a film and media resource library;
  • a student lounge overlooking the lake;
  • an art and media lab and;
  • a 92-seat screening room with state-of-the-art digital projection.

Joint courses to be offered at the Isabel, such as the fourth-year Contemporary Cultural Performances, will enable students from film, visual art, drama and music to explore new modes of interdisciplinary performance practice through the creation of a collective work performed for the public.

Also crossing the four creative arts disciplines are third-year courses in Sound Production and Stage and Screen.