The Ballytobin Foundation is dedicated to the philanthropic support of visual and performing arts in Kingston, Ontario. It encourages organizations within the City of Kingston who are exploring a wide range of projects, from traditional to experimental. The role of the Foundation is to give cultural groups access to performance, rehearsal and display space at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts by subsidizing the rental fees.

The Application Process

New as of March 2024:  applications for Ballytobin funding are included as part of the Isabel’s Booking Information Request Form.  You only need to submit the Booking Information Request Form – you do not need to submit a separate application to The Ballytobin Foundation.

(If you are an applicant who has already submitted the Booking Information Request Form and/or a booking request through the Isabel prior to March 2024, please contact us to request a separate copy of the form.)

Please review the following carefully before submitting your Grant Application.

Application Deadlines

January 15
May 15
September 15

  • Applications that are incomplete and/or not received by the deadline will not be processed.
  • Organizations are encouraged to apply for funding well in advance of the date of your event.
  • Applicants will receive notification of funding decisions within eight weeks of the submission deadline.
  • Please note the Isabel requires a minimum of 5 working days to produce quotes for Ballytobin grant applications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applying organizations must be located in the geographic area defined as “The City of Kingston” AND have a City of Kingston address.
  • Organizations applying must be ‘not-for-profits’, registered charities, or collectives with a history of successful events.
  • Individual artists are NOT eligible for funding.
  • If the event includes an artist of professional stature from outside of Kingston, they are expected to provide artistic development with Kingston arts and culture community organizations.
  • Any costs relating to performance or events taking place at the Isabel are eligible for subsidy from our funding, up to a maximum of $3000.
  • Groups may apply for funding once per year (October to September).
  • Applications must encourage a significant local audience component and should culminate in a public performance or display at the Isabel.
  • Queen’s University groups, including student organizations, are not generally eligible for funding through The Ballytobin Foundation as other funds are available through Queen’s.  University groups can only apply to The Ballytobin Foundation if the applicant demonstrates a history of collaboration with Kingston arts or culture groups; the proposed event should result in a significant amount of community outreach beyond the university environment.  If this applies to you, please contact us ahead of submitting your application to determine your eligibility.

Priority Considerations

  • Collaborations amongst community groups.
  • Artists based in Kingston.
  • Events that culminate in a public performance or display at the Isabel.


  • Funding for successful grants goes directly to ‘The Isabel’, not to the recipient organization; payments are non-refundable.
  • Funded organizations will be required to acknowledge The Ballytobin Foundation by including its logo in all printed program and advertising material along with visible signification at the event.

The Ballytobin Foundation looks forward to working in partnership with the community of Kingston, celebrating inspiring work by local artists in a unique cultural venue.