Community Arts
DAN School of Drama & Music


 Produced by H'art Centre

 In association with Watershed Festival/ DAN School of Drama and Music 

Artistic Director Katherine Porter 

Direction & Choreography by Camille Spencer

Original Music by Barbara MacDougall 

Ensemble Led by Audra Philips

Starring: H’art Studio Artists 

Enter into a world of creation, and discover personal stories from a diverse community as they find happiness in everyday life. As the H’art Studio actors take the stage, you'll witness them uncover the true essence of happiness ––helping one another and appreciating each other's abilities. 

HAPPY is not just a show, but a cheerful reminder that the arts have the power to bring immense joy and break down barriers. With captivating opera-inspired music, stunning dance, fun costumes, and incredible visuals, this is a performance like no other. 

For the past year, the H’art artists have poured their hearts and souls into singing, choreography, painting, and honing their musical accompaniment skills. They can't wait to share their creation with Kingston. Their ultimate hope is that their performance will inspire others to accept their own talents and make a lasting impact in our community. This production brings a diversity of talents and skill sets while showcasing what H’art does best. Spread joy! 

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