Awards Supportive Documents

 TRAQ DSS Instructions for Researchers applying for Queen's Research Opportunities Fund (PDF 752 KB)
 Checklist for Research Initiation Grant applicants (PDF 214 KB)
 Checklist for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - Insight Development Grant applicants (PDF 289 KB)
 Checklist for Queen's University Faculty Association Applicants (PDF 530 KB)
 Conflict of Interest - for non-Queen's University Faculty Association members
 Conflict of Interest - Faculty of Health Sciences
 Conflict of Interest - for Queen's University Faculty Association members (See Article 18 - page 53 of the Collective Agreement) (PDF 2.2 MB)
 Disclosure Consent Form for Significant Financial Interest (PDF 282 KB)
Research Accounting - Budget Template
 Hospital-Based Research Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF 223 KB)
 Hospital-Based Research - Tips for Completing a TRAQ DSS FORM (PDF 866 KB)
Hospital Departmental Impact & Information Form
Hospital Operational Directors and Research Directors Contact List
 Hospitals - KHSC Clinical Engineering Services Study Request Form (PDF 914 KB)
Hospitals - KHSC Laboratory Services Study Request Form
 Hospitals - KHSC Pharmacy Services Study Request Form (PDF 317 KB)
 Indirect Costs of Sponsored Research Policy Procedure: Recovery of the Indirect Costs of Sponsored Research
 Info Memo National Institutes of Health - Federal Conflict of Interest (PDF 263 KB)
 Disclosure and Consent Form for Significant Financial Interests of Investigator/Spouse/Child(ren) for United States Federal Awarding Agencies (PDF 376 KB)
 Queen's Attestation COVID wage Supplement (PDF 185 KB)
 Request for Variance to University indirect costs of sponsored research policy (WORD 38 KB)
 Request for Exception to the Distribution of Funding Received to Support the Indirect Cost of Sponsored Research Policy (EXCEL 34 KB)
 Research Project Signing Authority and Systems Access Form (PDF 306 KB)