Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

Encryption Tools

Guidelines and Suggested Tools

Encryption should be used when there is any kind of risk of an unauthorized party reading data that you want to keep private or confidential. This could include personally identifiable data, company information or sensitive documents that should not end up in the hands of an unknown third party.

For Queen's users, ITServices is available with a variety of encryption services: ITServices Encryption Tutorials

Below is just a small sample of some of the tools available for encryption:

  • BitLocker: Built into certain versions of Windows, this solution from Microsoft allows for the encryption of your entire hard drive.
  • BitLocker ToGo: A version of BitLocker from Microsoft that allows you to encrypt the contents of a USB drive.
  • TrueCrypt: A free and open-source solution for encrypting entire hard drives and USB drives.
  • 7-Zip & WinRAR: Tools for file compression that also allow you to encrypt the contents of your archive.
  • Microsoft Office: The ability to encrypt a document (e.g. Word or Excel) is built into the newest versions of Office.