The Vice-Principal Research is excited to share that research administration activities currently supported by TRAQ and Topaz Elements will be shifting to a modernized suite of applications.

The opportunity to improve our current research administration systems and to enhance the end-user experience through the implementation of a new suite of products supported by Cayuse, an international leader in research administration management systems. 

TRAQ 2.0 will better integrate research administration activities currently supported by the Research portfolio, including research ethics, animal oversight, animal care operations, and research grants and agreements, plus biohazard compliance (Env Health and Safety).

Welcomed features in TRAQ 2.0:

  • One-stop access point for all awards, ethics, animal and biohazard tasks (no longer requiring separate portals)
  • Functional dashboards for simple navigation and tracking of your files and to-do lists
  • User-friendly smart forms will enable increased efficiency for everyone 
  • Increased visibility on the status of compliance protocols and awards/contract files as they progress through the workflow
  • SSO (single sign-on) for all Queen’s users will reduce password burden 

From fall 2021 to spring 2022, we will work with Cayuse to build and test the new platform interface.  For additional details, including sample images of the Cayuse platform, please visit the TRAQ 2.0 website.  Project goals, updates and timelines will be added regularly.
Opportunities for individuals and groups of users to engage with the project will be communicated as the development, testing and implementation of each product progresses. 

Click here to learn more about the TRAQ 2.0 project