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Web-Accessibility Compliance Auditing for Queen's Websites

The Accessibility Hub and ITServices have partnered to provide you with an easy-to-use tool to identify ways to improve the accessibility of your website and ensure that it is compliant with the provincial accessibility requirements outlined in Section 14 of the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Act (AODA).

Accessibility Tip: "Need to make your website more accessible?"

Learn how by reading the Website Accessibility section. Making accessible websites ensures that they usable by the widest range of users, but also ensures your site is easier to read and navigate.

In an effort to support website owners at Queen’s, ITServices is piloting a one-year subscription to a website auditing service called "Siteimprove for Education." Website owners and administrators will be given access to the service to review their own websites for compliance by performing their own audits and viewing reports and recommendations.

The Siteimprove service provides flexible reporting, including the following information:

  • Broken links
  • Misspellings – actual and potential
  • Errors and warnings for Levels A, AA & AAA of WCAG 2.0

While ITServices has previously offered a Web Content Accessibility Review service to departments and faculties for a nominal fee, this new service is considerably more valuable in that it allows website owners to have direct access to the software. It will also be offered free of charge for the duration of the pilot period, after which a decision will be made regarding its continuation.

Do you Own or Manage a Website at Queen’s?

Queen’s is committed to building an inclusive community with accessible spaces and services, and has implemented an Accessibility Framework to address accessibility compliance on campus. Making our websites accessible is a key part of ensuring everyone has access to university services and information.

ITServices has identified most of the top-level websites under the Queen’s domain and has contacted their owners about the service. If you manage one or more publicly-accessible websites associated with Queen’s University and have not been contacted, you can inquire about this offering by contacting Web Services.

Web Services will follow up with you to confirm the inventory of your websites, and to set up an account for the service. An introductory software demonstration will also be scheduled once your account is set up.

If you are not sure whether your website qualifies, or if you have any other questions about the service, you can contact the Accessibility Hub Coordinator or Web Services.

When contacting Web Services, please remember to identify any websites that your manage by providing URLs for each.

Training and Support

Web Services is providing software training and support for Siteimprove, as well as assistance with specific technical issues, including WebPublish.

Introductory training sessions are being offered for individual users. These one-hour sessions will help you get acquainted with the software, its interface and reporting tools. Details are available on the Moodle ITServices Workshop Registration page in the Web-Accessibility Compliance Auditing section. To register, sign up on the wait-list for Siteimprove New User Training.

Additional help and information related to Website Accessibility can be found on the Accessibility Hub, including links to resources and how-to guides. For general questions about accessibility and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), you can also connecting with the Accessibility Hub.