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Accessibility at Homecoming

Queen's Homecoming is committed to an inclusive campus community that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities through a continued effort to offer accessible services and facilities. As part of our commitment to an inclusive and accessible Homecoming, we have created volunteer roles dedicated to providing onsite direction/support during the weekend to persons who self-identify as living with a disability.

Access Champions

Access Champions is a volunteer staffed organization that strives to equalize opportunities at Queen’s University. Our service is open to anyone who experiences challenges or barriers on Queen’s Campus: you tell us how we can help you. Our services include guided tours, event support, and connecting people to other services and groups on campus.

Here are a few examples:

  • Assisting someone in finding a good route from one place to another on campus.
  • Attending an event with a person who sometimes experiences social anxiety.
  • Guiding a community member living with a mobility disability to a guest lecture.
  • Helping a prospective student become familiar with disability services.

We find solutions to barriers, one person at a time. We respect the dignity of all people, and work to support equatable access to services and spaces. We work in partnership with the Accessibility Hub.

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