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Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Queen's University is committed to providing full access to education for students with disabilities while maintaining academic integrity. One of the roles of the Disability Services Office (DSO) is to determine accommodation plans for students with disabilities. Accommodation planning is a collaborative effort between the student, faculty, and the advisor of the DSO to find the most effective, efficient, and equitable solutions. Everyone involved has their own responsibilities.

Instructors are responsible for:

  • treating all students with dignity and respect;
  • participating in the accommodation process by accepting a student's request for accommodation in good faith, providing specific accommodations, and ensuring that alternative approaches are investigated where necessary;
  • seeking input or advice regarding the most appropriate methods to adapt the course to the particular needs of their students;
  • maintaining student privacy and confidentiality by only sharing information regarding a student's disability with those directly involved in the accommodation process.

Instructor's Handbook: Accommodating Students with Disabilities

This handbook is intended as an information and resource guide for faculty members, instructors and teaching assistants at Queen's University. It may also be a useful guide to senior administration and members of staff who wish to learn more about services for students attending the university who have disabilities. Besides describing procedures and resources, the handbook also emphasizes the need for all members of the University community – students, faculty, staff and administrators – to be responsible for the accommodation of students with disabilities and to assist in the societal task of eliminating all types of environmental barriers to education for students with disabilities.

Instructional Strategies