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Accessibility Information for Visitors

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Travelling as a person with a disability requires a lot of planning and organization. Whether you are coming to Queen's University for a visit, tour, Homecoming, or a convocation ceremony many resources are available to assist you make accessible arrangements for your visit to Queen's.

Access Champions

Access Champions is a volunteer staffed organization that strives to equalize opportunities at Queen’s University. Our service is open to anyone who experiences challenges or barriers on Queen’s Campus: you tell us how we can help you. Our services include guided tours, event support, and connecting people to other services and groups on campus.

Here are a few examples:

  • Assisting someone in finding a good route from one place to another on campus.
  • Attending an event with a person who sometimes experiences social anxiety.
  • Guiding a community member living with a mobility disability to a guest lecture.
  • Helping a prospective student become familiar with disability services.

We find solutions to barriers, one person at a time. We respect the dignity of all people, and work to support equatable access to services and spaces. We work in partnership with the Accessibility Hub.

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Accessible Tours

Weekly guided tours are available for the Queen's Campus and a great way to experience the university. Please note that with enough advance notice, we can accommodate most special requests (e.g. wheel chair, assistive-listening devices, accessibility assistance, sign-language interpreters, etc.). For inquires please contact admission@queensu.ca.

Visitor and Information Centre

Provides maps and literature for Queen's and Kingston. Please contact ahead of time to confirm operating times.

Contact Information
location  At the main Union Street entrance of the John Deutsch University Centre
accessibility  Please note: that the Union Street entrance is not wheelchair accessible. Use the accessible west-side entrance of the John Deutsch Centre.
email   jduc@queensu.ca
phone  (613) 533-2794