Academic Regulation 6: Attendance, Course Work and Conduct

6.1  Participation and Conduct in Classes
Students must be enrolled in a class to be eligible to attend or otherwise participate in lectures, laboratories, tutorials, online discussions, tests and examinations associated with the class. Students are expected to be, and at the discretion of the instructor, may be required to be present at all lectures, laboratories, tutorials, online discussions, tests, and examinations in their classes  and to submit essays, exercises, reports, and laboratory work at the prescribed times. Student conduct in lectures, laboratories, tutorials, online discussions, tests and examinations must conform to the Code of Conduct. Students whose conduct does not conform to the Code of Conduct may be issued a warning in writing from the class instructor. Subsequent failure to conform to the Code of Conduct may result in a written requirement to withdraw from the class (see Academic Regulation 17).

6.2  Submission of Course Work
For purposes of evaluation, assignments and other course work must be submitted in a readable format. Many instructors will accept work that is submitted electronically, and will state this at the outset of the class.

6.3 – Absence and Missed Course Work
A student who claims illness or compassionate grounds as reason for missing lectures, laboratory work, assignments, tests or examinations is responsible for making alternative arrangements with the instructors concerned for extensions or other accommodation. Though medical or other supporting documentation may not be required by the instructor, the student should be prepared to show relevant documentation should the instructor deem it necessary.

If there is a significant effect on attendance or academic performance such that the student may wish to request an incomplete grade, Aegrotat or Credit Standing, the student is responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation at the time of treatment. See Academic Regulation 10 for further information about Aegrotat and Credit Standing. Information about appeals to the Associate Deans (Studies) for Aegrotat or Credit Standing can be found in Appeal of Academic Decisions, Section 3.