Admission Regulation 6: Admission to a Dual Degree Program

"With the approval of the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Department(s) concerned and the student’s home Faculty or School, students may be admitted to complete a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Computing or Bachelor of Science degree concurrently with an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Applied Science or Nursing at Queen’s.

The Faculty has limited capacity to accommodate Dual Degree students, and only accepts candidates into dual degree combinations that are academically viable. To ensure the academic integrity of the combined Programs, the Faculty Office, in consultation with the Department(s) concerned and the other undergraduate Faculty or School, approves combinations to ensure that there is minimal overlap in course content. Current information on departmental capacity and academically viable dual degree combinations is available on the Arts and Science website.

Admission requirements are available from Undergraduate Admission. Enrolment limitations and/or a lack of appropriate prerequisites may result in the denial of an application. Applicants are advised to consult the Dual and Second Degree Programs section of this Calendar for details on degree requirements, registration and restrictions.

6.1 – Requirements for Admission to a Dual Degree Program

To be eligible, students must meet all of the following criteria:

(i)      have the equivalent of Arts and Science Full-Time standing in their home Faculty or School;
(ii)    have completed the equivalent of at least 24.0 units (or 8 one-term courses, where a one-term course is equivalent to a  typical 3.0-unit course in Arts and Science) in their home Faculty or School;
(iii)   have been in good academic standing in their home Faculty or School throughout their Undergraduate Career at Queen’s;
(iv)   have a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.60;
(v)    apply to an Arts and Science Degree Program in a substantially different Plan from that in their primary Degree Program; and
(vi)   satisfy departmental criteria for admission to the Plan.

 6.2 –Admission, Program/Plan Changes and Withdrawal Procedures

For admission procedures see Admission Regulation 12.3.

Once admitted to a Dual Degree Program, students who wish to change to another Arts and Science Program or Plan need to complete a new application to a Dual Degree Program through Undergraduate Admission. Students registered in a Dual Degree Program who decide not to complete the Program may indicate their withdrawal, in writing, to Undergraduate Admission. Dual Degree students who are required to withdraw from their non-Arts and Science Program and who wish to continue studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science will need to apply for admission to Arts and Science through Undergraduate Admission and will be subject to the same Plan limitations as all transfer students (see Admission Regulation 5).