Academic Disciplines and Departments

We are the largest faculty at Queen's with approximately 10,000 undergraduate students, 5 Schools and 22 departments offering studies in art history, computing, music, and physical and health education, as well as the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. We also offer over 2000 possible undergraduate degree plan combinations.

The aim of a degree program in any of these areas is to enrich your knowledge, hone your powers of critical thinking, and promote your intellectual maturity. You are encouraged to take courses in a variety of areas. It is possible to be studying such diverse topics as the theory of nuclear reactors in a senior physics course at the same time as taking a course in Contemporary Canadian Literature.

This section will provide you with summary information for each program and department and recommendations about Grade 12 courses that will maximize choices and flexibility. We have also tried to highlight the unique qualities of our program offerings.

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