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Degree Programs & Plans

The Department of Classics offers major, medial and minor concentrations leading to a Bachelor of Honours (BAH) degree, and a general plan leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Students have several plans from which to choose:

  1. Classical Studies (CLST), in which students are able to select from a broad spectrum of courses in classical literature, culture, archaeology, history, mythology, humour, ancient science, and drama, and the ancient languages of Greek and Latin. Although it is possible for students to obtain a Classical Studies degree without taking Latin or Greek, the Department highly recommends that Classics students study at least one of the Classical languages.


  1. For those students interested in pursuing graduate study in Classics, or simply in studying Classics in the traditional way, the Department of Classics offers the Classics Specialization (CLAS) plan which is more language-intensive while still allowing students to choose from a variety of classical studies courses.