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Classics graduate students first published an academic journal in 1989 entitled CERES: Graduate Academic Journal, based on papers from their second annual Graduate Students' Classical Conference held at Queen's in May 1989; Volume II was published in May 1990. After a quarter-century hiatus, CERES returned with a new volume, published on 06 November 2017; the first volume of the "revival" featured articles by both Graduate and Undergraduate Queen’s students from Classical Studies, Archaeology, Philosophy, Art History and other departments.

In 2023, a dedicated editorial team resurrected the journal once more, this time, permanently. Rather than limiting the publication to a specific theme, they wanted to emphasize the importance of different perspectives by accepting submissions from researchers at other Canadian universities. You will also note that this edition of CERES includes articles from graduate students enrolled in three different disciplines: Classics, History, and Religious Studies.


CERES - Current Volume

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CERES Volume VI - April 8th, 2024

CERES held their annual conference on April 8th, 2024, in Watson Hall. The afternoon conference coincided with the total solar eclipse, which the students planned a viewing intermission within their conference, as well as a talk by Dr. Daryn Lehoux. Each author was given the opportunity to present their research in front of students, staff, and faculty, and were given brief question periods in which to fully demonstrate their hard work. The event took place over the entire afternoon with refreshments provided, and physical copies of the 2024 CERES issue were handed out.



Volume VI Conference

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Previous Journals


CERES 2023

CERES Volume V - Thursday, April 13, 2023

Using the Student Initiatives Fund from the Dean of Graduate Studies, we held a launch event to showcase the April 2023 issue and its authors. At this event, each author had the opportunity to talk about their research in front of their colleagues and faculty. We had over 40 attendees -- including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and admin. The event took place in the DDQIC Rose Event Commons for two hours, with refreshments provided, and we gave away physical copies of the 2023 CERES issue. The launch event brought positive attention to the journal and the respective graduate programs at Queen’s. There was a sense of community and camaraderie between Classics, History, and Religious Studies graduate students.