Financial Support

Consideration for financial assistance is automatic upon receipt of the application for admission.

Funding for domestic, funding-eligible Master’s students consists of several potential components:

  1. Queen's Graduate Awards (QGA): The amounts of these awards are variable.
  2. Teaching Assistantships: Suitably qualified graduate students are regularly offered positions as TA's. The salary for a full TA-ship for 2018-19 is approximately $9,400.
  3. Other student funding: For 2018-19 the department offers (i) one R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship valued at $10,000 and (ii) one Graduate Entrance Tuition Award (GETA), valued at approximately $6,400.
  4. SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) grants/scholarships
    SSHRC fellowships were valued at $17,500 for 2019/20. Queen’s Classics has been very successful at securing these prestigious fellowships and eligible prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply. Because it is so prestigious, successful applicants to SSHRC are further awarded a Queen’s Tri-Agency Recipient Recognition Award of $5,000 (for a total value of $22,500 and this can be held in addition to any teaching assistantship funding). Please note that application is limited to Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and the deadline is December 1.
  5. OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarships) are worth $15,000 per year. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply.
  6. Queen's bursaries.

International Students
International students are eligible for OGS, plus an International Tuition Award (ITA), valued at $5,000 for 2018-19.

Travel Awards
Travel awards are available to qualified graduate students, including one that assists with expenses incurred when travelling to a conference.