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Stobi Excavation Project

Archaeology Field Practicum III: The Balkans                                                                                                                      

Summer 2020 program CANCELLED.
Please contact Balkan Heritage Foundation ( regarding the Stobi Fieldschool. Students enrolled should already have received a message regarding the 2020 Fieldseason.
Available for students in the summer of 2020 are two 3.0 credit archaeological field courses that will take place in collaboration with Balkan Heritage Field Schools: CLST 412 (3.0) and 413 (3.0). As the project is currently structured, students are required to take both courses for a total of four weeks in the field, and a total of 6.0 Queen's credits. These courses offer an intensive introduction to excavation techniques as well as archaeological and architectural recording using photography, surveying, and 3D measurement on a site of historical importance for the Classical and Byzantine period in the Balkan region. In addition, CLAS 810 (6.0), a graduate-level course, will be offered concurrently at the same site.
In 2020 CLST 412 and 413 (and CLAS 810) will take place at the site of Stobi in the Republic of North Macedonia and will concentrate on excavation of the area around the Late Antique Theodosian Palace. Full details, including costs, and the planned weekend excursions are available at the project website:
Students interested in any of these courses are asked to contact Professor George Bevan directly ( to arrange for Queen’s credit, and to submit an application directly to Balkan Heritage Field Schools here:
Students may also join the project as volunteers only (i.e. not for credit), but are asked to also contact George Bevan and to submit an application through Balkan Heritage as soon as possible.
Please note that spaces are limited and students from other universities frequently attend the project. Students are strongly encouraged to put in an application through the Balkan Heritage website as soon as possible to reserve a spot.
Note also that those students interested in Queen’s credit will also have to pay tuition as well as the participation fees payable to Balkan Heritage


  • The beauty of Stobi

    The beauty of Stobi

  • Stobi 2015 - Excavation Site

    Stobi 2015 excavation site

  • Stobi 2015 - students working on-site

    Students working on-site 

  • Stobi 2015 - students setting up RTI equipment

    Students, in the field, setting up RTI equipment

  • Stobi 2015 - demonstration by Dr. Bevan

    Technical demonstration by Dr. Bevan

  • Stobi 2015 - lighting prep for a photo

    Setting up the lighting for a photo

  • Stobi 2015 - student taking photo of ruins

    Student setting up for a panorama photo of ruins

  • Stobi 2015 - using digital photogrammetry to catalogue artifacts

     Students using digital photogrammetry to catalogue artifacts

  • Stobi 2015 - sight-seeing

    Sight-seeing at the Saint Pantelejmon monastery