Current MA Student Profiles

Photograph of Jessica Allin

Photograph of Annabeth Deakin

Andrew Field

Brandon Gordon-Lalonde in front of ruins.

Photograph of Meghan Greavette sitting next to the water, with a dog.

Photograph of Katrina Johnston

Photograph of Georgia Landgraf standing on a hill overlooking the Agora.

Kristijan Tosheski



Jessica Allin
Undergraduate School:
 Wilfrid Laurier University - Archaeology & Heritage Studies (BA, Hons.) 
Supervisor: Dr. Scott Gallimore (Wilfred Laurier University)
Research Interests: Archaeology of women on Roman Crete. Especially Roman social and economic history, ceramics and wine amphora, rural non-elites, intersectional-feminist theories.



Emily Croft
Undergraduate School:
 Queen's University 
Supervisor: Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino
Research Interests: Roman archaeology, textile production and use in Roman Italy, imitations of textiles in Roman decorative arts, domestic architecture and the study of gendered spaces therein, cultural heritage preservation in rural communities.



Annabeth Deakin
Undergraduate School:
 York University 
Supervisor: Dr. Fabio Colivicchi
Research Interests:  Roman archaeology, Roman material culture and Art History. Roman ceramics and their functionality and aesthetics, along with their methods of production and distribution in the ancient world. 



Andrew Field
Undergraduate School:
 University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. R. Drew Griffith
Research Interests: Greek and Latin pastoral, lyric and epic poetry, intertextuality of the Classics, literary history and the reception of Greek literature in Rome.




Brandon Gordon-Lalonde
Undergraduate School:
 Brock University
Supervisor: Dr. Daryn Lehoux
Research Interests: Roman Archaeology, Ancient Sport & Spectacle, and Disasters in the Ancient World.



Meghan Greavette
Undergraduate School:
 Queen's University
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Ascough
Research Interests: Funerary rites, Greek and Roman religions, archeological remains of mystery cults, traditions and rituals of Ancient Greece including libations, prayers and animal sacrifices, domestic religious architecture.



Katrina Brianne Johnston
Undergraduate School:
 B.A.H. Major in History with a Minor in Classics, Mount Allison, 2020
Supervisor: TBD
Research Interests: Early Modern European History, Social History, Gender Studies, Greek and Roman Mythology and their receptions, Religion and Religious practices in ancient Greek and Rome, Gender and medical practice. 



Georgia Landgraf
Undergraduate School:
 University of Calgary
Supervisor: Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino
Research Interests: Greek Archaeology, Proto-archaic and Archaic ceramic production in Corinth, Greek colonies, Greek mythology and Religion, and funerary practices of Ancient Greece 



Kristijan Tosheski
Undergraduate School: St. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, North Macedonia
Supervisor: Dr. George Bevan
Research Interests: Photogrammetry, Ground Surveying, Remote Sensing, Social and economic influence of Oriental cults in the Roman Empire, Mythology, Semiotics, Archaeological theory, and Balkan Archaeology.