CLST Course Tree

First-Year Courses - 100 Level


CLST 102(3.0) CLST 103(3.0) CLST 130(3.0) CLST 131(3.0) CLST 150(3.0)
Introduction to Greek Civilization Introduction to Roman Civilization Introduction to Archaeology I: Great Discoveries in Archaeology Introduction to Archaeology II: Methods and Analysis Warfare in the Ancient World


Second-Year Courses - 200 Level

Prerequisite for all 200 Level courses: student must be in second year standing
CLST 200(3.0) CLST 201(3.0) CLST 203(3.0) CLST 204(3.0) CLST 205(3.0)
Greek History Roman History Myth and Religion Scientific and Medical Terminology Ancient Humour
CLST 207(3.0) CLST 208(3.0) CLST 214(3.0)
The Ancient Near East The Levant from the Late Bronze Age to the Coming of Rome Ancient Science


Third-Year Courses - 300 Level

Archaeology and Material Culture (courses typically offered every two (2) years)
CLST 303(3.0) CLST 304(3.0) CLST 305(3.0) CLST 306(3.0) CLST 309(3.0)
Archaeology of Early Greece Archaeology of the Classical World and the Hellenistic Period Archaeology of the Etruscans and Early Romans Archaeology of the Roman Empire Caravan Cities of the Ancient Near East
Literature and Drama (courses typically offered every two (2) years)
CLST 311(3.0) CLST 312(3.0)
Greek and Roman Epic Greek and Roman Drama
Ancient Science (courses typically every two (2) years)
CLST 314(3.0)
Doctor, Bloodletter, Surgeon: the Beginnings of Western Medicine
Greek History and Culture (courses typically offered every three (3) years)
CLST 333(3.0) CLST 334(3.0) CLST 335(3.0) CLST 350(3.0)
Rise of the Athenian Empire to the End of the Peloponnesian War Fourth Century Greece to the Death of Alexander The Hellenistic Successor Kingdoms to the Death of Cleopatra Greek Perspectives on Ethnicity and Indigeneity
Roman History and Culture (courses typically offered every two (2) years)
CLST 321(3.0) CLST 340(3.0) CLST 341(3.0) CLST 343(3.0)
World of Late Antiquity The Roman Republic The Roman Empire The Later Roman Empire


Fourth-Year Courses - 400 Level

Fourth Year Seminars (courses typically offered every two (2) years)
CLST 401(3.0) CLST 404(3.0) CLST 405(3.0) CLST 410(3.0) CLST 420(3.0)
Research Methods Topography of Athens Topography of Rome Topics in Greek Scholarship I Topics in Latin/Roman Scholarship I
Archaeology Practica
CLST 408(6.0) CLST 409(6.0) CLST 412(3.0) CLST 413(3.0)
Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum I: Sardinia, Italy Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum II: Cerveteri, Italy Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum III A: The Balkans Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum III B: The Balkans
Independent Research (by permission of the Department of Classics)
CLST 411(3.0) CLST 421(3.0) CLST 430(6.0)
Topics in Greek Scholarship II - Independent Study Topics in Latin/Roman Scholarship II - Independent Study Special Research Course - Independent Study



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