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2023-24 Classics & Archaeology DSC Executive Members

Co-Presidents: Sam Brown and Amber Mifkovic
Treasurer: Sarah Nizar 
Secretary: Alanna-Grace Meade
Social Media: Claire Hamilton 
Graphic Design: Matty Tofts 
Class Rep Coordinator: Haleigh Paschink
Event Coordinators: Laurel Mcfarlane and Daniel Leventis
4th Year Representative: Colby Dowker
3rd Year Representative: Laurel Mcfarlane


2022-23 Classics DSC Executive Members

DSC 2022-23

Co-Presidents: Cassandra Giarrusso & Anton Kaduck
Treasurer: Ethan Chilcott
Secretary: Chris Brown
Event Coordinator: Amber Mifkovic
Social Media: Riley Scott
Discord: Emily Reist-Current
Graphic Design: Sam Brown
Class Rep Coordinator: Julianna Taylor
1st Year Rep: Eric Baker
2nd Year Rep: Laurel McFarlane
3rd Year Rep: Amber Mifkovic
4th Year Rep: Sarah Karelsen

2021-22 Classics DSC Executive Members

Co-Presidents: Katherine Petrasek & Ethan Chilcott
Treasurer: Emily Reist-Current
Secretary: Chelsia Van Hierden
Event Coordinator: Amber Mifkovic
Class Rep Coordinator: Anton Kaduck
Social Media: Cassandra Giarusso
Clothing/Merchandise Representative: Nicholas Clarke
Graphic Design: Rebecca Lourenco

2020-21 Classics DSC Executive Members

Co-Presidents:  Emily Reist-Current & Anton Kaduck
Treasurer:  Rebecca Lourenco
Secretary and Class Rep Coordinator: Lilly Hickox
Clothing Rep:  Katherine Petrasek
Graphics and Marketing:  Victoria Chambers
Event Coordinator:  Katharine Kanters
First to Last Rep:  Christine Truong
First to Last Rep:  Ethan Chilcott

2019-20 Classics DSC Executive Members

Co-Presidents: - Elyse Richardson & Rosemary Wilson
Secretary - Treasurer: - Emily Croft
Class Rep Manager: - Liam Vanstone
Clothing Sales/Banquet Liaison: - Emily Reist-Current
Marketing Executives: -  Kylie Lavoie
Co-Event Coordinators: - Anton Kaduck & Katherine Petrasek

2014 - 2015 Classics DSC Executive Members

Four students at a fancy event

Left to right: Meghan Vaillancourt, Avery Morettin, Dominique Dupuis, Daniela Cerrone.


2013 - 2014 Classics DSC Executive Members

Five students dressed up and smiling for a photo

Left to right: Nichole Perera, Reagan Patrick, Mackenzie Gray, Helen Anderson, Jessica Fraser.

2012 - 2013 Classics DSC Executive Members

Five Students dressed up for a fancy event

Left to right: Desmond Wong, Michael Chee, Justin Yule, Helen Anderson, Cassandra Tran.