Resources for Graduate Students

When requesting a letter of reference from one of the Classics Department’s Faculty members, the more info/details you can provide the more easily and quickly your request can be expedited. Examples of helpful information include:

  1. Information regarding courses you took with the professor
    • Course code and name
    • Academic year and term in which you took course
    • Note any assignments that you did in the course
    • Final grade
  2. Copy of any comments the Faculty member made on your assignments
  3. List of courses that you TA’d for the professor
    • Course code and name
    • Academic year and term of TA-ship
  4. In support of what program/job application(s) are you asking the professor to write?
  5. Prospectus accompanying the application for which you are requesting this reference letter
  6. Your curriculum vitae/résumé

Please e-mail as much of the info outlined above as possible to the professor, with the required Academic Reference Request (Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information) form attached to your e-mail (form can be found at in the “Resources for Students” sidebar on the left).

Students should be aware that, if they do not authorize a referee to use more comprehensive information from an academic transcript or other related material when providing a reference, the comments that the referee can provide will be limited in scope (e.g., performance in just one course).

Please note that if a transcript is printed and used, it will be destroyed after the reference letter is completed.

Further information about all matters concerning access to information and protection of privacy at Queen's University is available at the Records Access and Privacy Office at Queen's.

More resources for graduate students can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.