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Departmental Library Holdings Catalogue Information

  • Journals are divided between the Classics seminar room (Watson 522) and the Classics lounge (Watson 542).
  • The titles are in no particular order, although the volumes of each journal should be in chronological order.
  • In some cases there are duplicate copies.

Classics Lounge (Watson 542)

  • Journals:
    • Archaeology
    • Art
    • History
    • Numismatics
    • Papyrology
  • Classical Views/Mouseion
  • Library of Congress call numbers C, N, V, T, and Z
  • Library of Congress volumes under D and DG that are primarily concerned with material culture
  • if the book you are seeking in the lounge does not appear to be in its proper location, it might be with the oversized books on the bottom shelf directly below where you would expect to find it
  • access to the glass-fronted bookshelves is by key – please request assistance in the Classics main office (Watson 505)

Watson 504

  • Library of Congress call numbers A—B, D—M, P—RS, and U
  • most dictionaries and grammars (have been separated and are on the top left-hand shelf (closest to the door)
  • Loebs, and some reference works
  • Vergilius (after the Vergil holdings)
  • a selection of assorted Classics books (on the north wall)

Watson 505

  • With the exception of Loebs, books that are in Watson 505 are identified as such after the call number in their catalogue entries.