Classics & Archaeology Departmental Committees


Head of Department - D. Lehoux

Graduate Coordinator - F.Colivicchi

Undergraduate Chair - D. Griffith

Colloquium Coordinator:  M. Carbon, F. Colivicchi

Equity Representative:  C. Zaccagnino

Library Liaison:  M.B. Reeves

QUFA Representative:  B. Kavanagh

Appointments Committee: D. Lehoux, C. Zaccagnino, B. Reeves, B. Kavanagh, F. Colivicchi, R.D. Griffith

Graduate Committee:  F. Colivicchi, M.B. Reeves, B. Kavanagh

Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committee:  R.D. Griffith, F. Colivicchi, C. Zaccagnino, M.B. Reeves, B. Kavanagh, A. D’Elia

Web Site Committee:  Head of Department, Departmental Administrator, and for UG matters the Undergraduate Chair, and for Graduate matters the Graduate Coordinator

Workload Committee:  Chair and all Department Faculty

Convocation and Returning Student Awards Committees:  Ad hoc

Travel Awards Committee: all faculty are asked for input for these awards

EDII - FAS equity committee:  M. Carbon

Curriculum Committee: M. Carbon, F. Colivicchi, A. D’Elia, R.D. Griffith, B. Kavanagh, D. Lehoux, M.B. Reeves, C. Zaccagnino