Enrichment Studies Unit course: Discovering the Ancients

In April 2016 Classics presented its inaugural Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) course, Discovering the Ancients: A Window Through Time. ESU courses provide students in grades seven to 12 an opportunity to explore their interests through experiential learning. Throughout April and May the five offerings of the Classics course introduced elementary and secondary students to archaeology, mythology, early warfare, ancient civilizations and languages.

Pottery Reconstruction

People sitting at a tablePeople at a table with craft suppliesPeople working with gluePeople using craft supplies for poetry reconstructionPeople sitting in front of glue and newspapersPeople working with craft supplies

Ancient Warfare

People in a parking lot holding sticksPeople in a parking lot pointing sticksA group of people standing in a parking lotPeople walking in lines with sticksPeople simulating a battle in a parking lot

Liver Divination

Three people sitting and learningA busy classroom with students working