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Professor R. Drew Griffith has been interviewed in Episode 31: Adam, Stool of 'Everything is Alive', a podcast by Radiotopia, to discuss ancient comedy.

Professor Jan-Mathieu Carbon participated in the International Workshop "My Name is Your Name: Anthroponyms as Divine Attributes", presented by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid from June 2nd to 3rd. Professor Carbon was discussing The God of "NN" (in Anatolia): Fossilised Founders or Meaningful Epicleseis? on June 3, 2021.

Two Faculty members gave papers at the 2021 Classical Association of Canada Conference, May 25-28. Professor Barbara Reeves was discussing "Queen's University's First Professor: Peter Colin Campbell, Professor of Classical Literature" and Professor Beatrice Poletti was discussing "The Enemy's Brides: Diplomacy and  Female Agency in Dion. Hal. RA 2.30-2.46 (The Abduction of the Sabine Women)".

Three of our profs presented their respective papers at the 2020 AIA/SCS joint Annual Meeting held in Washington from January 2 to January 5. 

Professor Sveva Savelli    (Session 1J  Open Session: New Advances in the Archaeological Research of South Italy and Sicily - page 31)
Investigating Indigenous and Greek Communities Along the Ionian Coast: The 2019 Excavations at Incoronata “greca”, co-authored with Professor Spencer Pope, McMaster University

Professor Cristiana Zaccagnino (Session 3F  Colloquium, Ancient Pottery: Shapes and Contexts - page 26)
Athenian Black-figure and Red-figure Pointed Amphoras: New Considerations on their Shape, Decoration, and Context
(Session 3H  Joint AIA-SCS Colloquium Teaching with Coins: Coins as Tools for Thinking about the Ancient World - page 38)
Coins as a Teaching Tool: An Experience of Integration of Numismatics and Conservation

Professor Fabio Colivicchi (Session 7E  Colloquium Water Management and Cults in Etruria (Fourth to First Century B.C.E. - page 20)
The Gift of Clepsina: The Spectacle of Water at Caere

AIA/SCS joint Annual Meeting Program

CLASSICS PRESENTS ... 2019-20 Speakers

Finding Common Ground: Notes from a Classicist Working in Indigenous Heritage Preservation