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Newsletter February 2023: Classics & Archaeology is excited to present our Annual Newsletter! 2023 was full of excitement but was not without its trials! To read all about what went on in 2023, be sure to click HERE for the full Newsletter!

Department of Classics & Archaeology: An Update
To read the Head's statement on Greek & Latin, please click HERE.
To read the Head's statement on the 2024 budget crisis, please click HERE.

Exhibition - Antiquities through Modern Eyes!
The Antiquity Through Modern Eyes Symposium, hosted by Professor Cristiana Zaccagnino (Classics & Archaeology) and Professor Emy Kim (Art Conservation), was a great success! The Exhibition will be on display at Kingston City Hall from April 2023 to March 2024! To read more about the Exhibition and the Diniacopoulos Collection, please visit our website by clicking HERE!

Newsletter December 2022: See what the Department of Classics has been up to the last few years and see what is to come! To read the Classics 2022 Newsletter, please click HERE!

Professor Lehoux was recently on a Vox Podcast - Unexplainable! Topic: Does Garlic Break Magnets - What would an episode of Unexplainable have sounded like if it had been made in 100 CE? Click here to listen!

Professor Poletti attended and presented at a conference at Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo, Italy), June 23-26, titled “Origines Gentium. The Origins of Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, and Others”; her paper title was “Lavinium, the most ‘Greek’ of the Latin Cities.”

Professor Barbara Reeves had two presentations at ASOR’s Virtual Annual Meeting in December 2021, one on “Wall Thickness as a Phase Indicator in Hauarra’s Roman Fort” (see page 30 of the program - link below) and another (co-authored with John Oleson) on “The Role of the Fort at Hauarra (Humayma, Jordan) in Trajan’s Occupation of the Nabataean Kingdom” (see page 103 of the program - link below).

Professor Jan-Mathieu Carbon will present at Princeton's School of Historical Studies, Institute of Advanced Study's “Epigraphy Weekend” (March 4-5) on Saturday, March 5th at 10:33am. View the program, here.

Recent MA graduate presents at conference with Professor Colivicchi
On Wednesday, December 1st @ 6:00-6:30 AM (ET) Professor Colivicchi and recent MA graduate, Anton Strachan, presented at the Universita degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” Conference "Work in progress in Cerveteri between Canada and Europe".

Professors Fabio Colivicchi and Cristiana Zaccagnino will both present at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) in early January 2022.

  • they will present a joint paper Teaching, Learning, and Displaying the Etruscans in Canada in Session 2E (Teaching The Etruscans Colloquium) on Thursday, January 6th.
  • Professor Colivicchi will be the discussant at the Session 3C colloquium (Southeastern Italy In The 1st Millennium B.C.E.: Between Connectivity And Isolation) on Thursday, January 6th.
  • Professor Zaccagnino will present The Many Functions of a Hero: Bellerophon (Melerpanta) among the Etruscans at Session 4F (Etruscans And The Mediterranean Map: Looking Back And Moving Forward – A Colloquium In Honor Of Mario Del Chiaro And Mario Torelli) on Friday, January 7th.
  • Professor Colivicchi will present Landscapes of Water in Etruria at Session 6B (Naturally Etruscan: How The Etruscan Communities Interacted With The Environment And Landscape Colloquium) on January 7th.

Professor Cristiana Zaccagnino was interviewed by Alan Neal at CBC Radio Ottawa during his All in a Day podcast about Indiana Jones and the figure of the archaeologist 40 years after the film's release. The podcast episode 'Raiders of the Lost Ark: 40th Anniversary' aired on June 17th, 2021.  

Professor R. Drew Griffith has been interviewed in Episode 31: Adam, Stool of 'Everything is Alive', a podcast by Radiotopia, to discuss ancient comedy.

Professor Jan-Mathieu Carbon participated in the International Workshop "My Name is Your Name: Anthroponyms as Divine Attributes", presented by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid from June 2nd to 3rd. Professor Carbon was discussing The God of "NN" (in Anatolia): Fossilised Founders or Meaningful Epicleseis? on June 3, 2021.

Two Faculty members gave papers at the 2021 Classical Association of Canada Conference, May 25-28. Professor Barbara Reeves was discussing "Queen's University's First Professor: Peter Colin Campbell, Professor of Classical Literature" and Professor Beatrice Poletti was discussing "The Enemy's Brides: Diplomacy and  Female Agency in Dion. Hal. RA 2.30-2.46 (The Abduction of the Sabine Women)".

Three of our profs presented their respective papers at the 2020 AIA/SCS joint Annual Meeting held in Washington from January 2 to 5.

Professor Sveva Savelli    (Session 1J  Open Session: New Advances in the Archaeological Research of South Italy and Sicily - page 31)
Investigating Indigenous and Greek Communities Along the Ionian Coast: The 2019 Excavations at Incoronata “greca”, co-authored with Professor Spencer Pope, McMaster University

Professor Cristiana Zaccagnino (Session 3F  Colloquium, Ancient Pottery: Shapes and Contexts - page 26)
Athenian Black-figure and Red-figure Pointed Amphoras: New Considerations on their Shape, Decoration, and Context
(Session 3H  Joint AIA-SCS Colloquium Teaching with Coins: Coins as Tools for Thinking about the Ancient World - page 38)
Coins as a Teaching Tool: An Experience of Integration of Numismatics and Conservation

Professor Fabio Colivicchi (Session 7E  Colloquium Water Management and Cults in Etruria (Fourth to First Century B.C.E. - page 20)
The Gift of Clepsina: The Spectacle of Water at Caere

AIA/SCS joint Annual Meeting Program