2019 News & Events Archive

Professor Barbara Reeves presents paper entitled A Graffito of a Sacred Stone in a Wheeled Vehicle from Humayma (page 66), and co-chairs Archaeology of Jordan sessions (pages 24, 45, & 65) at ASOR’s 2019 Annual Meeting.

Professor Barbara Reeves’ research at Humayma was featured in a recent Jordan Times article.

Artifacts from the excavation of Dr. Colivicchi and his team featured in the new exhibition on the Etruscans at Bologna, Italy

Professor Fabio Colivicchi organises, and lectures about, Caere excavation at conference at Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome

Professors Drew Griffith and Sveva Savelli give talks at Classical Assoc'n of Canada's Annual General Meeting

Professor Fabio Colivicchi gives talk about Cerveteri excavation at Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage event 

Professor Bernard Kavanagh nominated for Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor Cristiana Zaccagnino's research featured online at Advances in Engineering

Annual Classics Symposium - April 08, 2019

Professor Daryn Lehoux delivers AIA's William A. McDonald Lecture in Washington, DC

Professor Daryn Lehoux lectures about Antikythera Mechanism at the Biblical Archaeology Forum in Washington, DC

Live Podcast Recording:   What on Earth is Going On with ...Our Possession of the Classical Past

Classics well-represented at the annual Inquiry@Queen's conference

Professor Sveva Savelli speaks at McMaster University's Department of Classics

Professor Daryn Lehoux gives talk at AIA Lecture Series at University of Alberta

Professor Barbara Reeves presents paper on Humayma research at ICHAJ 14

Professor Sveva Savelli presents joint paper at AIA/SCS Annual Meeting