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The WOEGO podcast What on Earth is Going On with ... Our Possession of the Classical Past is now available (WOEGO episode 48) on the website, or on any podcast app!

It will also air on:
• CFRC in Kingston on Monday 1 April at 5pm ET
• CHMR in St. John's on Tuesday 2 April at 4pm NT
• CKUW in Winnipeg on Thursday 4 April at 4pm CT

If you were unable to attend the event, now you can hear how the discussion unfolded, and if you did manage to attend, now you can listen again, perhaps picking up on points that you may have missed at the time.



Live Podcast Recording:  What on Earth is Going On with ...Our Possession of the Classical Past

Hosted by What on Earth is Going On? (WOEGO) 

Thursday, March 21st @ 7:00-8:30 pm             Watson Hall 517


• What on earth is going on with our possession of the Classical Past?

• Should the artifacts of history be owned by one country or another, or should they be shared as common human heritage?

• If ancient Greek and Roman civilizations remain in many ways the backbone of our culture, society and laws, who gets to interpret them?

• And what about those with an entirely different lineage, especially indigenous peoples?

• Who are the Classics for and to whom do they belong?



Come for an evening of provocative questions and fascinating conversation. A Q&A will follow the discussion, which features a panel of three scholars from Queen's Department of Classics.

Moderated by Ben Charland, host of "What on Earth is Going on?"

This event is free and open to all, and will be recorded as an episode of the podcast.