CLST 312 Plays - Current Year

Prometheus Bound play posterLysistrata play poster

CLST 312 Photo Gallery: April 2016

​Aristophanes' Lysistrata

(Lysistrata photos by Professor Fabio Colivicchi and Queen's Marketing and Communications)

Two people looking forward in a playTwo people acting on a stageTwo people standing next to each other on stage

Someone whispering to someone else on stage during a playTwo people talking to each other on stage

Sophocles' Ajax

(Ajax photos by Classics student Prisca Choi)

Person with their head in their hands sitting on a chairSome of the set pieces made out of chairsFour people with their backs to each other in a circle

Person sitting on the floor reading a scriptThree people acting on stagePerson standing delivering lines

Two people sitting next to a wallPerson standing and watchingThree people standing in a line onstagePerson with a hat on talking onstage

Person standing delivering lines on stageTwo people with their backs to each other onstagePerson sitting on a stool and a person standing behind them

Five people standing in a circle onstageOne person standing looking up, two people behind them watchingThree people seated with their backs together in a circle

One person standing looking forward on stageOne person lying on the ground and four people standing with their backs together in a circleA photo of the cast of the show

Lines written on a hand