Certificate in Animation Theory and Practice


Launching September 2023

The Department of Film and Media’s new Certificate in Animation Theory and Practice offers students a unique and innovative opportunity to study animation in an interdisciplinary context that embraces hybrid, experimental approaches to the art form and fosters the innovative analysis of animated media from Classical Hollywood and Studio Ghibli to experimental and VR/AR animation. Students can take a wide variety of courses in animation history, theory and production, including: Introduction to Animation; Animation Festival Programming; Animated Feature Films from Disney to Ghibli; Animation Production; Advanced Animation Production; Video Games and Culture; Animation Theory and Criticism; Computational Cinema; Virtual and Augmented Reality App Development; Post-Production; Special Effects and 3D Animation; and Special Topics in Animation. These courses teach students skills that can incorporated into animated films, video games, installations and/or new media projects, and that they can carry into careers in film curation, criticism, academia, or in the animation industry.

Want to take the Certificate? If you are already an Arts and Science student attending classes on-campus at Queen’s, are in second year or above, and wish to complete a certificate program in addition to your degree, please email asc.studentservices@queensu.ca with your request.

For more info on how to apply for certificates visit: Certificate Eligibility

Have questions about the Certificate in Animation Theory and Practice? Send an email to Scott MacKenzie: mackenzs@queensu.ca.


Certificate Details:


Film and Media - Certificate in Animation Theory and Practice

Plan: Consists of 15.00 units as described below

Acceptance Criteria: FILM 110 (B+ or higher)


A. No more than 6.00 units of core and option courses may be counted toward the requirements of both the Certificate and another Arts and Science Program.

B. No more than 3.00 units of core and option courses may be transfer credits from outside Queen's University.


Zen Appear by Haolun Zhang & Ao Wang -

Core Course

3.0 units in ANIM 200:

AMIN 200  Introduction to Animation

This course offers a historical overview of animation practices and an introduction to animation theory. The course covers key developments in independent and commercial animation since the birth of the form, and offers critical engagement with emerging voices in the field of animation

LEARNING HOURS: 108 (36L;24Lb;48P).
PREREQUISITE Level 2 or above


- Guardian by Christy Li

Option Courses


12.0 units from ANIM Option Courses:

ANIM 201/3.0; ANIM 400/3.0; FILM 200/3.0

FILM 220/3.0; FILM 316/3.0; FILM 356/3.0

FILM 368/3.0; FILM 369/3.0; FILM 377/3.0;

FILM 378/3.0; FILM 379/3.0; FILM 394/3.0;

FILM 401/3.0

Course Titles Below.


Still from Eden - 

12.0 units from ANIM Option Courses:

ANIM 201/3.0

Animation Festival Programming

ANIM 400/3.0

Special Topics in Animation

FILM 200/3.0

Introduction to Video Game Studies

FILM 220/3.0

Animated Feature Films from Disney to Ghibli

FILM 316/3.0

Video Games and Culture

FILM 356/3.0

Animation Production

FILM 368/3.0

Animation Theory and Criticism

FILM 369/3.0

Advanced Animation Production

FILM 377/3.0

3D Animation

FILM 378/3.0

Computational Cinema

FILM 379/3.0

Virtual and Augmented Reality App Development

FILM 394/3.0


FILM 401/3.0

Special Effects

For more detailed descriptions of these courses see Courses of Instruction.

If you have questions about the Certificate in Animation, please contact Scott MacKenzie at mackenzs@queensu.ca

or Gary Kibbins at undergraduatefilm@queensu.ca.