How to Apply


Thinking about applying to Queen's University for Film and Media?

Here's what you need to know:

1. All our degree programs start in second year.

2. To be admitted into one of our degree programs, you must first apply to the Faculty of Arts and Science and then, once admitted, you must take  FLM 111/3.0 and FILM 112/3.0 in your first year at Queen's. (FILM 111/112 replaces FILM 110 as of September 2023)

3. Please contact the Faculty of Arts and Science for information on applications and requirements and the Registrar for information on registration fees.

4. Depending on your grade in FILM 110 or FILM 111/112 and your cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA), you can declare Film & Media as your concentration at the end of first year. Please see Programs for more information on the specific programs we offer and the grade/cGPA requirements for admission.

5. Automatic acceptance into the Major and Medial programs requires a B+ or greater in FILM 110 or FILM 111/112 and a cGPA of 2.8 or more. For the Minor and General programs, the requirements are a C or better in FILM 110 or FILM 111/112 and a cGPA of 2.3 or more. Please see Film and Media Plan Thresholds for more information.

6. For advice or information about choosing a Film & Media degree program or specialization and/or to arrange a tour of our facility and speak to a departmental representative in person, contact:

Alicia Kupinski -  Undergraduate Assistant

Gary Kibbins - Undergraduate Chair



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