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The Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies Graduate Program is unique because of its linkage of adjacent disciplines: film and media studies and, more generally, the study of screen cultures, film and media production, and curatorial studies and practice. We encourage applicants whose proposed work has connections across multiple areas of the program. It is not required that applicants’ work spans both screen cultures and curatorial studies. SCCS’s multidisciplinary programs provide students with a wide range of course options and professional opportunities in academia, arts management, programming, media production (from mainstream media, to artistic and activist production), and curating. Our program is based in Humanities and Arts methods including theory, criticism and practice.

We offer an MA and a PhD which may include creative and/or curatorial practice based within a Research-Creation model, in which the written and creative component and are co-designed and co-constitutive of the project. This approach differs from degrees where art practice is the central focus/output (such as an MFA). It is important to note that we do not offer technical training (cinematography, editing, gaming, etc.) in our graduate course offerings.

We only accept students when we have faculty who are specialists and can supervise the project, so please make sure there is an appropriate supervisor on staff. Please review our Call for ApplicantsResearch Areas, and How to Apply webpages for further information and, in order to ensure our program is the right fit for you, please fill out our Pre-application Survey.

We offer seed funding for MA and PhD screen cultures curatorial projects (up to $350.00 per student). PhD students can also apply to the Dean’s project fund for up to $3000.


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