Student Bursaries

Pat Douglas-Murray Memorial Scholarship:  Established by friends and colleagues in memory of Pat (Osborough) Douglas-Murray, Arts '55, who tutored students in FILM 110. Awarded in the Fall to the student entering the second year of a program with a concentration in Film and Media who has the highest standing in FILM 110, provided that the standing is first class; value $600.

Susan Near Prize in Film:   Founded by the late Susan Near of Toronto. Awarded by recommendation of the Department on the basis of the highest standing in film courses at the end of the second year; value $285.

Kathleen McSweeney Memorial Scholarship:  Established in November 2005 by her many alumni friends in memory of Kathy McSweeney, B.A. 1973, a beloved graduate in Film Studies. Awarded on the basis of high academic standing to a student or students registered in the final year of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) major, medial or special field concentration in a Film Studies program. Selection will be made by the Department of Film and Media and approved by the Faculty of Arts and Science Awards Committee.

Peter Morris Memorial Scholarship:  Established in memory of Peter Morris, Professor of Film Studies. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence to a graduating student completing an honours degree where the primary concentration is Film and Media.

See also the Student Awards Office. 


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