Film Centric Courses

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The following Film Centric courses may be used as Optional Film units

ARTH 203/3.0: Art and Popular Culture

ARTH 303/3.0: Issues in Contemporary Art and Popular Culture

ARTH 319/3.0: Art in the Age of the Internet

CWRI 295/3.0: Introduction to Creative Writing in Short Fiction and Poetry

CWRI 397/3.0: The Literary Screenplay

DEVS 306/3.0: Cuban Culture and Society I

DRAM 205/3.0: Theatricality and Mass Media

HIST 220/3.0: Jews on Film

LLCU 200/3.0: Semiotics: Interpreting the World

LLCU 206/3.0: Rebel Cities

LLCU 207/3.0: Representations of Business in the Movies

LLCU 209/3.0: Rio de Janeiro: The Marvelous City

LLCU 214/3.0: Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth

LLCU 249/3.0: Latin Lovers: Love, Sex and Popular Culture

LLCU 326/3.0: Film in the New Europe

LLCU 328/3.0: Gender, Development and Film in Latin America

RELS 137/3.0: Religion and Film *RELS 237 is no longer being offered

SPAN 458/3.0: Film y Politica en Argentina

Course Code Legend:

FILM - Film and Media    MAPP - Media and Performance Production    ARTH - Art History    DEVS - Global Development     HIST - History   

DRAM - Drama   INTS - International Studies     LLCU - Languages, Literature and Cultures     RELS - Religion     SPAN - Spanish 

CWRI - Creative Writing